Today is our independence day – a day where, as Americans, we can celebrate the true meaning of freedom, and spend twenty-four hours on myspace posting graphics on our friends' pages.

Be they animated fireworks or waving flags or cakes that really have nothing to do with independence day because no one has ever made a July 4th cake, we can standup together as a nation and celebrate our broadband connections and ability to cut and paste.

In 1773, a group of American rebels disguised themselves and boarded British ships, dumping countless cases of tea into the Boston Harbor to protest the Tea Act. So shall we dump countless smiley faces and animated pandas onto each other's comments sections. It is the one way we can truly remember what innumerable brave men and women were fighting for. In the words of the immortal Paul Revere, "One if by land, two if by sea, and please put me in your Top 8."

-Steve Hofstetter