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I met a girl at a concert who was very pretty and she let me feel her boobies, but I didn't get her number. Is it weird to hunt her down on Facebook? – Anonymous via Tumblr

Yes, that is weird. A girl who lets you feel her boobs at a concert is not the the market for a long-term, committed relationship with you. Cut your losses while you're still the mysterious hottie she made out with and not the creeper who felt her up and then tracked her down.

Dear Marina, I recently had to deal with telling a friend that I didn't have the same feelings for her that she has for me. This is after she cut all of her hair off because I tweeted that I find short hair sexy on women. I swear to God. Also my ex drives past my house every few weeks. So how do I handle these situations? I want a girl's perspective and you're smart as shit. Hook a brother up? — AVB, via Tumblr

So your dick is too big for your pants and you've got paper cuts from swimming in your money vault? Come on, man. Even if you are the Dude McBaberson of your town, you can't walk around being all

Try to be respectful of these situations and consider that it absolutely sucks to put yourself out there and then have your crush shut you down. Because if it hasn't happened to you yet, it will.

So Marina, I've had strong feelings for this one girl for a while. I've never done anything about it because of various reasons. I found out recently that she has feelings for me as well but she goes to school across the country. I could try to meet someone new but this other girl will always be on my mind. So should put my life on hold and wait for her? Do we try to start long distance? I look forward to your gif selection. -W.H

No, no, and NO. Right now you both want to be with each other and it's been a long time coming and now it's sexy and exciting because distance is keeping you apart. But starting a brand new relationship long distance while you're college is the worst. You're going to have to trust someone you've never had time to build trust with, stay faithful to someone you've presumably never slept with, and generally be human with someone you can only reach through technology. Are you up for that? Are you down to miss weekends at your school to spend perfectly good beer money flying to see her at her school? Because distance will make you crazy. Why waste giving it a go when there are a shitload of obstacles? Wait until you guys can be in the same place to give it an actual shot. Also, you know, it's college.

Hi there, may I eat your first born child as a blood-sacrifice to the pagan god Eucyphilos?

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