Every week, Chris Barth updates you on the important events in the sporting world – the ones you may have heard of and the ones you definitely missed. He's watching the games and calling things as he sees them. This is The Ref.

Football Happened:

  • *The New Orleans Saints Delivered The Atlanta Falcons' First Loss*The 1972 Miami Dolphins team, who famously completed an undefeated season, celebrated the Falcons' loss, marking yet another year without a completely undefeated team. Ironic, because after the Dolphins' 37-3 loss to the Titans this week, they also sport the league's most completely defeated fans.
  • *Ben Roethlisberger Injured His Shoulder In A Close Game Against The Chiefs*Ben Roethlisberger injured his throwing shoulder in a game that saw the 6-3 Steelers barely squeak out an overtime victory over the 1-8 Chiefs. A classic case of adding injury to insult.
  • *Joe Flacco led the Baltimore Ravens to a 55-22 Win Over the Raiders*Flacco threw for three touchdowns and ran for another, leading his team to the highest point total for any NFL team this season. Despite his stellar performance, his teammates refused to let him go by the nickname Joe Waka Flacco Flame.
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The Knicks Stayed Undefeated

Six games into their season, the New York Knicks remained the only undefeated team in the NBA, after pulling out a 104-100 victory over the Spurs on Thursday night. Suck on that one, 1972 Miami Dolphins!

College Basketball Started:

  • *Duke Upset Kentucky*Led by senior Seth Curry, #9 Duke upset #3 Kentucky 75-68 in the schools' first contest in over ten years. Also upset by D­­uke: Most of the country.
  • *People Played Basketball On An Aircraft Carrier*As part of college basketball's opening week, Syracuse and San Diego State played basketball on the flight deck of the USS Midway, a decommissioned aircraft carrier. "Pay attention to this!" shouted the Army. "Nothing to see over at the Pentagon! Basketball, sports, look, fun, sports!"

The Marlins Traded Everyone

The Toronto Blue Jays benefited from the traditional Miami Marlins offseason fire sale, acquiring Josh Johnson, Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Emilio Bonifacio, and John Buck in one of the biggest blockbuster trades in MLB history. Experts were stunned by the trade, and attempts to reach the Marlins for comment were not answered, since owner Jeff Loria also traded all Marlins employees for "a LOT of maple syrup."

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Mike Brown Got Fired, And The Lakers Hired Mike D'Antoni

Following a 1-4 start to the season, the Los Angeles Lakers fired coach Mike Brown. Though it was widely expected that the team would hire former coach Phil Jackson to take over, the front office instead hired Mike D'Antoni, who resigned as Knicks head coach midway through last season. Asked about the decision, Lakers owner Jerry Buss said, "We followed the old saying, 'Winners never win and quitters never quit.' Oh no. I've made a huge mistake."

Texas A&M Upset College Football #1 Alabama

The 15th-ranked Aggies handed the Crimson Tide their first loss in over a year, winning 29-24 behind redshirt freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel. For many the win, which likely knocked Alabama out of the running for second-straight a BCS Championship, confirmed that A&M can still compete after an offseason move to the SEC division. I, for one, will still never take that division seriously, mainly because I accidentally type SEX almost every time I try to write it down.

Sebastien Loeb Won His 9th Consecutive World Rally Championship

French rally car driver Sebastian Loeb won the 13th and final leg of the 2012 World Rally Championship to seal his 9th consecutive victory for the Citroën Racing team. Only 6 more championships until Loeb has finally gotten his 15 minutes of fame!

Mike Trout And Bryce Harper Won Rookie Of The Year Awards

Outfielders Mike Trout and Bryce Harper won Rookie Of The Year Awards in their respective leagues, the youngest players to do so in decades. It's too bad Bryce's last name isn't Harpoon, because that would have made for a few great jokes and even more terrible headlines.

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Jeff Gordon And Clint Bowyer Got In A Fight In The NASCAR Infield

NASCAR drivers Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer got into a fistfight, after Gordon pushed Bowyer's car into the wall towards the end of the AdvoCare 500 at Phoenix International Raceway. While many people noted that this was the most exciting thing to happen in NASCAR in a decade, nobody pointed out that Clint Bowyer and the kid from that awesome "The story ends with me puttin' him in the wall" ad have never been seen in the same room.


The Jazz Beat The Raptors 140-133 In Triple Overtime

The Utah Jazz topped the Toronto Raptors in three overtime periods, shooting 58% from beyond the three-point line. The rare early-season 3OT game between teams that won't make it deep into the NBA playoffs now holds the record for the longest game that nobody has ever watched.

Something Happened In Cricket. Your Guess Is As Good As Mine.

This is the real beginning of a cricket recap: "Brisbane – Proteas captain Graeme Smith expects his highly ranked bowling attack to raise their performances in the second Test after an indifferent performance in the drawn first Test against Australia at the Gabba. The bowlers only managed to take five Australian wickets and were troubled by indiscipline, despite creating opportunities and beating the bat a number of times." In other news, I abandoned all hope of ever taking this sport seriously.

Play of the Week:

I'm a sucker for awesome soccer goals. I'm a sucker for bicycle kicks. I'm a sucker for goalies looking foolish. There's really nothing not to like about Zlatan Ibrahimovics' insane bicycle kick, and the fact that there's a breathless European man singing its praises makes it, somehow, even more incredible. It's the play of the week, enjoy it.