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Ok so there was this cute girl at my school. I noticed her and introduced myself and she gave me her number. Well, about 40 texts in she told me she had a boyfriend but would love to be friends. I said ok but now we have been texting and hanging out for around a month. We have a lot in common and now it has gone from thinking she is cute to a crush. She still has a boyfriend though. What should i do? – Anonymous, via Tumblr

You should think about how many floats you want in the parade celebrating your election to Mayor of friend zone. In my professional girl opinion, this babe is not planning on making out with you. Maybe she likes the attention or (more likely) she generally thinks you're a cool dude, but either way she's got a boyfriend and you've got to acknowledge that.

The Internet loves to make girls the villains in a friend zone situation, but you've got to accept some responsibility as well on this one. She told you that she had a boyfriend and you let yourself entertain the idea of her as a romantic option anyway. Don't get me wrong, I've been there too. I have politely introduced myself to girlfriends and said "Hey, I'm Marina! Great to meet you!" when what I really meant was "Great to meet you! Here's hoping your relationship falls apart so I can swoop in, console, and hit that!"

The truth is that you're kind of just setting yourself up to have your heart clomped to pieces. If you want to keep hanging out with this girl without losing your mind, you've got to realize she's off the table as a make out buddy.

How can I be less tired for morning classes? – Ashley M

Here's a secret: You will never not be tired for morning class. There are too many parties and crazy floor mates and stressful deadlines to ever get any semblance of normal sleep. For the entire four years of your college career, you will be slightly hungry, slightly nauseous, and slightly tired. Grab a coffee on your way and schedule later classes next semester.

Hey Marina, I'm gay and I live in a state that I can be fired just on that alone. Although I don't fear for my job, I'm not rushing out of the closet especially with my coworkers. I work with a majority of married women and being the nice single guy that I am, they want to play matchmaker all the time. Even though they mean well, what are some ways I can get them to stop? – Anonymous, via Tumblr

Let me first say that your state is fucking stupid and you deserve to live in a less bigoted one. Secondly – as a general rule, leave your sex life out of the workplace. I'm sure those married women just want a young single friend to live vicariously through, but once you open the door to your dating life you will never be able to close it. They will want to know everything. If you want to be polite and appease them, be vague. If you don't give up much in your answers, they'll stop asking.

How can I avoid as much work as possible without losing my job?* – Brian L

It's all in the wrists.

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