Every week, Chris Barth updates you on the important events in the sporting world – the ones you may have heard of and the ones you definitely missed. He's watching the games and calling things as he sees them. This is The Ref.

LeBron James Was Named Sports Illustrated's 'Sportsman Of The Year'

The Miami Heat star graced the cover of SI's 59th annual SOTY issue, showcasing his newly-won NBA Championship ring. Unfortunately, the SOTY award ceremony was marred by a heated confrontation between James' fanclub, "The 'Bronies" and a confused group of obsessive My Little Pony fans, "The Bronies."

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Notre Dame And Alabama Earned Berths In The BCS Championship Game

By winning their final games of the season, Notre Dame and Alabama secured spots in the college football's BCS National Championship. This will be Notre Dame's first BCS Championship appearance or, as the Catholic University prefers to call it, Notre Dame's Virgin Berth.

NFL Football Happened

  • *Mark Sanchez Was Benched In A 7-6 Jets Win Over Cardinals*After completing less than half of his passes and throwing three interceptions in the first three quarters, the Jets QB was pulled in favor of third-stringer Greg McElroy. After a three day delay following the game, Jets coach Rex Ryan affirmed that Sanchez will start in Week 14. "I think he was more or less sending a message," said Sanchez. "And it's well received." Not well received: All of Mark Sanchez' passes.
  • *The Indianapolis Colts Edged The Detroit Lions With A Last-Second Touchdown*With time expired in the fourth quarter, Colts QB Andrew Luck threw a TD pass to Donnie Avery to lead the Colts to a 35-33 win. "Man, if this were real life, things would have been totally different," said Detroit coach Jim Schwartz. "Them horses wouldn't stand a chance against a lion. Imagine that! Yeah, that would be really something." He then sighed heavily.
  • *The Denver Broncos Clinched The AFC West Division Title*Peyton Manning led the Broncos to a 31-23 win over the Buccaneers to seal the division victory. "Man, if this were real life, things would have been totally different," said Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano "Them horses wouldn't stand a chance against a pirate. Imagine that! Yeah, that would be really something." He then sighed heavily. In other news, the NFL has multiple horse-themed teams.

The LA Galaxy Won Their Second Straight MLS Cup

The victory came in David Beckham's last appearance for the team, after Becks announced he will play somewhere other than the U.S. for 2013. "Thus, after a great victory, did the brightest star leave the Galaxy," muttered George Lucas to himself as he set to work on Star Wars Episode VII.
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London Selected West Ham Soccer Club To Move Into Olympic Stadium

Mayor Boris Johnson announced that West Ham was the city's top choice to relocate to the now-vacant stadium, constructed for the 2012 Olympics, on a 99-year lease. West Ham was selected over rival soccer clubs East Bacon, Central Mutton, and South Rump Roast.

The Washington Wizards Beat The Miami Heat For Their Second Win Of The Season

Despite a triple-double by Sportsman of the Year TheBron James, the Wizards held on to a 105-101 victory to improve to 2-13 on the year. The Wizards were led by Bradley Beal, Kevin Seraphin, and someone called NenĂª, all three of whom are apparently real life NBA basketball players. Who knew?

The NHL Is Still Locked Out

Representatives of hockey's owners and players continued to meet this week to discuss the possibility of ending the league's lockout and holding a shortened 2013 season. In anticipation of a potential end to the lockout, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman released a video detailing the league's roadmap for mobilizing players:

The NBA Fined The San Antonio Spurs $250,000 For Resting Starters In Loss To Miami Heat

NBA Commissioner David Stern imposed the fine after Spurs head coach Greg Popovich told his four best players not to dress for the game, citing a tough travel schedule and the need for a day off. Stern was reportedly disappointed because the game was a nationally-televised marquee matchup. "Besides," said Stern, "it's not like they even have to try for the first three quarters."

The New Orleans Hornets Announced A Name Change

The Hornets, who moved from Charlotte in 2002, will become the New Orleans Pelicans, after the Louisiana state bird. "We just thought it was appropriate to name the team something remotely connected to the area they play in," said Hornets spokesman Harold Kaufman, while staring pointedly at the Utah Jazz and shaking his head.

The Buffalo Bills Sold Out This Sunday's Game After A Local Restaurant Bought 10,000+ Tickets

Russell's Steaks, Chops and More bought the remaining unsold seats to the upcoming game against the St. Louis Rams. Good news for Bills fans: Because the game it is a sellout, it will be broadcast on local television and not subject to blackout rules! Bad news for Bills fans: You're Bills fans.

Play Of The Week

Allow me to narrate this wonderful play on behalf of Jamal Crawford: "I'm gonna pass it to DeAndre. OOPS. I guess I'll keep it. Nope, can't go this way. Behind the back! Yay! Fake pass. Real pass. DeAndre goes BOOM!" I could watch this over and over.