49ER vs RAVEN - Image 2

49er vs. Raven

While the odds makers may be hastily recalculating after the previous week's upset, weighing the power of "The Flacc-Attack" against the steady shooting of "The Kaeped Crusader", and speculating on the sibling rivalry we can expect from the coaches Sunday, the truly insightful will be running the numbers on how many feathered assailants can be taken out with a single swing of a pickaxe as they handicap the game based on the mascots, and predict what will happen when old-timey prospector meets pitch-black bird of doom in The Big Easy!

Across the board the old-timey prospector and Edgar-Allen's favorite flyer prove to be an interesting matchup. Mining tools don't make for a particularly good defense against an attack from above, and "The Birds" taught us what a single avian assailant can do, let alone a full unkindness of ravens (Look it up – that's legitimately what they're called). Factor in the Raven's historical role as harbinger of elder magic (hence the Ravens being known as "The Team of Destiny") and things are looking mighty grim for the grizzled gold diggers…

That being said… one gold nugget can buy a whole lot of birdshot. Plus, the raven's traditional post as messenger and pet of Odin, the elder god of Asgard, may just provide the bird's tiny brain with a few key moments of confusion when greeted by familiar flowing white facial hair. We'll have to wait until Sunday to find out for sure, and to see whether the beard or the bird will reign supreme!