RAVEN vs FALCON - Image 1

While the odds-makers may be hastily recalculating after two upsets and weighing the power of the Flacc-Attack against the cool calm of Matty Ice, the truly insightful will be looking skyward. Thanks to the teams' avian representatives, we're in for an all out air war as we handicap the game based on the mascots, and predict what will happen when bird on bird conflict tears the apart the skies above New Orleans!

At first glance the falcon would seem to have the clear edge due to their razor sharp talons, breakneck air speed and super enhanced vision. This surface level physical security overlooks the Raven's historical potency as a harbinger of elder magic (hence the Ravens being known as "The Team of Destiny").

Will ancient, arcane knowledge and the powerful glamors of Odin One-Eye's Messenger bird be enough to over power the brute physicality of hunting bird favor by monarchs, sultans, and oligarchs throughout history? Though Ray Lewis insists the answer is "Yes!" and threatens a 99-year curse on any who disagree, the rest of use will have to wait until Sunday to find out!