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HowToBasic is a YouTube channel specifically devoted to making a mess thinly veiled in the name of how-to instruction. Launched in December 2011, 157 videos have been uploaded to this channel, with only a few of these narrator-less "tutorials" running longer than a minute. Titles like "How to Close a Door" and "How to Correctly Serve a Watermelon" make it easy to click out of curiosity, just to see where it could possibly lead.

It leads to a god damn beautiful mess.

This first video, uploaded on Dec 8, 2011, starts off simply, delivering exactly what the title promises with no mess, and no fuss.

And this trend continues with videos like "How to Fold a Sock"

By the time March rolls around, we get our first hint of what's to come. Mainly, smashing.

And everything escalates from there.

He clearly found his calling. These videos have around a million views each, ten times as many as the earlier tutorials. Maybe it's the smashing? It's the smashing.

Watching the videos after this is like watching a man's slow descent into madness…

Eggs start appearing everywhere…

Everything grows increasingly violent…

And the world seems just a little bit abnormal.

This video is a masterpiece of suspense. It's like a Hitchcock film, if Hitchcock made 15 second videos about eggs being smashed.

And did you know that watermelon can sound like some animal dying a slow gurgling death.

In the new year, he had to find a way to "outsmash" eggs…

YouTube has a wealth of tutorials for learning new skills, but one channel had the balls to undermine it all and make you ask yourself: am I really going to learn something here?

View all of HowToBasic over on YouTube.