Notre Dame And Louisville Played A 5-OT Game

The game, essentially the length of two full length games, was the longest regular season clash in Big East history. Notre Dame ended up getting the best of Louisville, winning 105-101. Unfortunately, the Catholic university's number one supporter wasn't around to see the end of the game, as Pope Benedict XVI gave up halfway through the third overtime.

Pitchers And Catchers Reported

Baseball fans rejoiced as pitchers and catchers made their annual journey to Florida and Arizona to kick off Spring Training. 29 of the 30 teams reported without incident. The Houston Astros, on the other hand, had their workouts delayed by four hours, as individual players milled around in the parking lot "waiting for someone they knew to show up."

Felix Hernandez And The Mariners Agreed To A Contract Extension

The Mariners signed Hernandez when he was 16 years old, and hope to keep him in Seattle for as long as possible. Under the next contract King Felix, as the star pitcher is known, will earn $175 million over the next seven years, the largest contract for a pitcher in Major League history. At the end of the contract, according to experts, he will be able to either become a free agent or purchase the entire Mariners franchise.
The Longest Game in Big East History and an Escaped Condor - Image 1

The Olympics Announced It Will Drop Wrestling From The 2020 Games

In a stunning move, the IOC announced that wrestling will no longer be an official Olympic sport as of 2020, despite the sport's presence in the original Athens games. "Honestly," said an IOC official, "it just got really confusing with the refs who turned out to be wrestlers. Plus the whole thing is fake."

Francisco Liriano Broke His Arm While Banging On The Door On Christmas Morning To Scare His Children

The Pirates pitchers sheepishly admitted to one of the more ridiculous injuries in recent baseball history. To Liriano's credit, he was forced to get physical in a last ditch attempt to come up with a scarier wakeup than Christmas 2011, when he stood outside his children's room yelling his stat line. 5.09 ERA!

Lil Wayne Was Kicked Out Of A Miami/Los Angeles Game, Maybe

Rapper Lil Wayne (short for Little Wayne) was apparently kicked out of an NBA game in Miami after gesturing to a fan that he had a gun. Apparently he had misunderstood the Lakers' hopes to "send the Heat packing."

The Westminster Dog Show Happened

The annual contest, which as far as I can tell primarily revolves around making dogs run around and then examining their private areas, was won by a little monkey dog named Banana Joe. I'm don't think this is even a sport and I'm trying hard to avoid Penn State jokes, so I'll just leave it at that.

The Eagles Re-Signed Michael Vick

Philadelphia signed the mobile quarterback to an incentive-laden one-year contract, under the direction of new head coach Chip Kelly. Vick had been previously thought to be exploring free agency, but Kelly noted that it had been really, really easy to intercept the QB before he talked to other teams. Fans noted that it was a missed opportunity for Vick, who really dropped the ball.

The Head Of Duke's Mascot Was Found On Top Of UNC's Bookstore

A prank preceding Wednesday night's matchup between rival schools (which Duke won, 73-68), resulted in the head of Duke's mascot ending up on top of the UNC Bookstore. It was a real feat for UNC students, who reportedly had to search for hours on end to even find the bookstore.

Play Of The Week:

What is not to love about this? The singer treats us to a mush-mouthed rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. The Condor wrangler — who the announcers hilarious call "the bird man" — is just awful at his job. Serves everybody associated with this right. The Condor may be back in his cage now, but for a minute, man, for a minute that bird was free.