Coachs Inspirational Speech - Image 1
Coach: What are we about to do those Riverside Fools!?
Team: Destroy them!
Coach: And how we gonna do it!?
Team: With heart, passion, and teamwork!
Coach: And are we gonna let them push us around and tell us we are worthless?!
Team: Hell no!
Coach: And are we gonna let them tell us when we can or cannot come home at night, like we are goddamned children?!!
Team: Hell…uhh…Hell No!
Coach: And are we gonna let them claim they smell whiskey on our breath when we know damn well that we only had a few Bud Lights with the fellas, and that it isn't a big deal!?
Team confusedly look around at one another.

Coach: No we are not! And are we gonna let them get up in our faces and tell us they are leaving and taking the kids to their Aunt Maurine's house and that we can rot on our own but they wont allow us to take the family down with them?!
Coach: And are we gonna let them let us wallow in our soiled pants as we cry ourselves to sleep and convince ourselves that we are simply a victim of a troubled life and that maybe, just maybe, if our own parents had just shown a little more affection and care then we wouldn't be in this mess? But then we realize that this is exactly the excuse that got us into this mess and that the only real road to sobriety is honesty, not only with others but also with ourselves. They love us and are willing to support us, we just need to take some goddamn responsibility and maybe we can change all this! But that is the same thing they have heard millions of times before. But this time we intend to make good on that promise! We will show them! Can I get a hoorah men!
Team: Hoorah?
Coach: Hell yeah! Now put your gear back on and lets get out there and win this Bocce Ball game!

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