1. Pyramid slaves lose traction and the block drags them all the way down the ramp
2. Indo-Aryan nomads freaked out by eclipse
3. Unbelievable joust where a guy gets impaled on his opponent's lance, stays on, and the winning horse just keeps running with the weight of two guys
4. Samurai trying to show off misses the mannequin and slashes the Emperor's robe
5. Horse is sad after his owner dies at the battle of Agincourt

6. Fat guy launched into swamp by trebuchet
7. Cleaning and Field-Dressing the Passenger Pigeon
8. French aristocrat lip-synchs to Mozart's "Queen of the Night" aria, doesn't notice the armoire covered in perfume bottles behind him, knocks it over and shrieks hysterically
9. Lady Godiva
10. Angry braying donkey subtitled with quotes by Caesar Tiberius
11. Toddler doesn't want to be betrothed
12. Carrie Nation throws eight consecutive rocks at a saloon mirror but it still doesn't break, so she runs behind the bar and hatchets it
13. Roman legion dance routine
14. The Martin Luther Show where he completely smacks down a papist caller
15. Town crier can't read the bottom of the scroll and tries to save face by shouting "and… various other things did happen."
16. Martin & Hannah Van Buren sex tape
17. Enormous plague boil on a man's back gets lanced and squeezed by his drunk friends
18. Crazy nude man runs past house screaming "Eureka"
19. Henry VIII orders 12 beheadings in a single 7-minute span, including two of his cousins and a footman who's wearing the wrong kind of doublet
20. Dumb, overconfident pirates attack a merchant convoy that turns out to be half the Royal Navy
21. Jericho Was an Inside Job
22. Catherine the Great's final webcam transmission
23. Grandma reacts to Catherine the Great's final webcam transmission