This here is Andrew Ucles, the new face of bad-assery. In the video below he catches rabbits in a way that is both horribly inefficient and beyond-Steve-Irwin-level insane: he catches venomous snakes with his bare hands and uses those snakes to catch rabbits. And he does it all with no protective gear. Not even a shirt.

Those snakes in the picture are red-bellied black snakes. At 3:15 in the video, he catches a tiger snake, one of the most venomous snakes in the world, with one hand, WHILE HOLDING THREE SNAKES IN HIS OTHER HAND. Dude is straight up one with nature and probably deserves a tip of your hat. And maybe a TV show. If you're impatient you can see him catch a rabbit around 6:20, using the snakes to flush it out.

You can see more of Andrew Ucles on his YouTube channel , where I hope to see him using an octopus as a lasso to catch a shark.