Russian band Biting Elbows has released a music video that puts our stateside efforts (and Hollywood big budget films) to shame in an epic POV chase sequence. Here is the video for "Bad Motherfucker":

Cool thumbnail, bro.

This is a sequel. The original, released in September 2011 (for their song The Stampede) is currently sitting with 2.5M views. The first video was great, but this sequel (which incorporates the same liquid-activated teleportation device) truly blows it out of the water.
The key might be in the way it was filmed (a GoPro camera attached to the mouth!). There's no doubting the high production costs that went into making this video, along with the amazing execution of the actors / stuntmen, but because it's a shaky POV shot uploaded to YouTube, it feels like it's really punching above its weight. And while the video isn't one long uninterrupted shot, it doesn't cut five times a second like your standard Hollywood action sequence, and it's noticeable.
It was briefly pulled from YouTube after being posted yesterday for supposed nudity (re: the thumbnail), which briefly gave DailyMotion a surge of US traffic, but order has since been restored.
Here are some interesting production shots:

And in closing, the completely misleading thumbnail, over and over:

Nice job Russia.The single is available on iTunes