Welcome back to Rough Love, the column where we share your craziest, funniest, most embarrassing dating related stories. If you think you can top this batch of rough loving, submit your story at the bottom of this page.

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I had been dating this girl for about a week and she was performing oral on me. In an attempt to deep throat me I felt her gag which was nothing new but then she stopped coughed a little and made me promise not to look down. She ran to the bathroom and brought back tissues to whip her vomit off of my junk. She started to cry cause of embarrassment. I told her it wasnt a big deal and we are still dating. She made me swear to secrecy though and we've never spoken about it since.-Anonymous

I met my girlfriend a while ago and we had been talking about sex for a couple of weeks. One day, she visited my house and managed to sneak in without me realizing. She then managed to sneak up behind me and say "do you want to have sex?" in her best "my mum's voice", which is good enough to fool me. Lets say that it scared the crap out of me to think that my mum was the one saying that.-Anonymous

I once accidentally burped in my gf's mouth while making out.-Anonymous

I was at a friends house with a group of people and that discovery channel show "Curiosity" came on. It was the one about the female orgasm and the g-spot. When the show was talking about the G-spot I said "It's easy to find you just have to do this," holding out my hand and contorting my middle finger just so. A little while later the show put up a picture of where the g-spot was and I was correct. One of the girls of the group asked me out that night. We've been dating for a year.-Anonymous

After breaking up with my ex a few years ago we stayed pretty close, even eventually talking about the people we're seeing and our sex lives. A few days ago we were texting about her new boyfriend and she said, "And it's so nice to have a guy who's a decent size down there! I never realized how small the other's were!" I still haven't replied…-Anonymous

My boyfriend dared me to hack his email account, so I tried to retreive his password using his secret question. Which he forgot was "what bitch won't put out?" and is mad at me for guessing right… My own name.-Anonymous

During the summer my GF and I went out looking for a great place to hike. After driving a great distance into a national park, we got out and walked along the trail. We got turned on and soon my GF was giving me head topless along the trail next to a waterfall. All of a sudden a hiking clad man turned the corner holding a log in his hands. We quickly got dressed and avoided eye contact with the man, who only smiled and walked on with his log.-Anonymous

My boyfriend and I were in the back seat of my car, and things were getting pretty heated. I had been chewing gum, ya know to keep things fresh, well I went down on him and eventually we did it. I thought it was this magical moment in our relationship, until next time when he had a bald patch in his pubes and I asked where that came from… Yeah turns out on OUR FIRST TIME the gum I had been chewing got stuck in his pubes and he had to cut it out. The bald patch didnt go away for months.-Anonymous

My ex-boyfriend decided to call me after months of us not talking to one another. He told me how much he missed me and how we should get back together. After about 20 minutes of this he tells me he got some girl pregnant. "But we could make it work." Asshole.-Anonymous

I was kissing this guy goodbye who happened to have really bad allergies that day. The way we were positioned, snot from his nose dripped into mine. It was the most disgusting thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life.-Anonymous