Welcome back to Idiotech, the column where we shame your parents, teachers, and other old people for being dumb about technology. If you think your parents are even stupider than this, submit your story at the bottom of this page.

Idiotech: Black Ops, Starbucks, and That FaceThing Site - Image 1

My dad just tried to mute the TV with my cellphone.-Anonymous

My grandpa asked me if they sold Folgers or Maxwell House coffee at Starbucks.-Anonymous

My father went to the store to buy me something for Christmas and told them it was cheaper on the internet, and he wanted the same price as advertised online. They refused to give him the same price so he went home and called "the internet" to complain.-Anonymous

This Christmas my aunt was wondering what she should get for my 16 year old younger brother, and immediately I thought of CoD Black Ops. So, I told her that if she wanted to she could find a copy of the game to get him, and she said ok. Now mind you, my aunt isn't exactly tech savvy. Later that day she called me and said that Gamestop didn't stock "Black Cops." I told her to give me the money and I would get it for her.-Anonymous

My mother refuses to talk through the instant messenger feature on facebook because she doesn't want everyone to see our conversations.-Anonymous

The following took place at Christmas dinner. My dad, to my uncle: If we both log on to the internet we can be friends with each other, right? My mother, panicking: You're not using that face-thing site, are you? Because they can tell where you live from your photos, and then they rob you!-Anonymous

I was talking to my mom about a girl I fell out of touch with, and she suggested I text her on my facebook blog.-Anonymous

My mom was talking about she wanted an iPad instead of a laptop, but I explained that typing on the touchscreen is difficult unless you have a separate keyboard. Then she said "maybe I can design my own internet iPad." What?-Anonymous

My dad likes to insist that WTF stands for "Why the face?"-Anonymous

My grandmother asked me where she was supposed to "place the money" in her computer, and when I asked her why, she said it was to buy that sweater off the website I showed her.-Anonymous