We have our Final Four set, and March is technically over (BUT THE MADNESS ™ AINT!!). Now, would you rather be tricked into watching that horrific Kevin Ware injury again, or would you rather see the 8 happiest GIFs from this past weekend? We promise, no injuries.

The 14 happiest celebrations from the first weekend.

Trombone Cheer (Ohio State)deadspin

"Flexing Whitey" (Syracuse)mocksession

What a Dunk! A 3-in-1 GIF (Kansas)sbnation

It's Drew Carey! (Cleveland Rocks) (Ohio State)imgur

Creepy Sunglasss'd Jim Boeheim Mask (Syracuse)thesportsreporterpresentswatercoolertalk

I AM PUMPED (Syracuse)sbnation

"Fattest Orange Ever" (Florida)sbnation

Bandie is Happy but Forever Alone (Oregon)deadspin