We have our Final Four set, and March is technically over (BUT THE MADNESSAINT!!). Now, would you rather be tricked into watching that horrific Kevin Ware injury again, or would you rather see the 8 happiest GIFs from this past weekend? We promise, no injuries.

The 14 happiest celebrations from the first weekend.

Trombone Cheer (Ohio State)deadspin

"Flexing Whitey" (Syracuse)mocksession

What a Dunk! A 3-in-1 GIF (Kansas)sbnation

It's Drew Carey! (Cleveland Rocks) (Ohio State)imgur

Creepy Sunglasss'd Jim Boeheim Mask (Syracuse)thesportsreporterpresentswatercoolertalk

I AM PUMPED (Syracuse)sbnation

"Fattest Orange Ever" (Florida)sbnation

Bandie is Happy but Forever Alone (Oregon)deadspin