Welcome to Idiotech, the column where we shame your parents, teachers, and other old people for being dumb about technology. If you think your parents are even stupider than this, submit your story at the bottom of this page.

Idiotech: Prank Calls, Skype, the Death of Google Reader - Image 1

My dad had just created a Skype account and was excited about being able to talk to me on it. After, speaking to him on the phone I added him. 15 minutes later he still hadn't appeared online. I received a call from him half an hour later, telling me he had forgotten his password so had requested a new one to be sent to his hotmail address. Unfortunately, he had now also forgotten the password to his hotmail.- Anonymous

My Dad claims that if I delete him from facebook he'd shut down our internet. Once I didn't update my status for 2 weeks and he claimed that I deleted him so he shut down our internet for a week.- Anonymous

So I was helping my mum put some stuff on her pendrive and inthe end she said to me "did you put it on my dingle dongle?" I was reallyconfused until I realised she meant her pen drive.- xblowpopsx

My mom called me because she'd heard Google Reader was being shut down, and was worried that meant she wouldn't be able to read any of the blogs she'd bookmarked in "her favorites."- Anonymous

My step mom goes through our home phone's caller ID memory daily and deletes every number. Her reason is so she "will know who has called since yesterday."- Anonymous

One time when my grandmother was visiting, she thought thatyoutube videos had to be bought from a retail store.- norwegiantrash

We got my mom her own netbook for her birthday/christmas so she would stop stealing mine. I offered to set everything up for her and even pinned every icon she would ever need on her taskbar. As I was showing her how to work google chrome she started freaking out about the tabs. She kept insisting that when I opened a second tab the internet would go away from the first tab into the second tab. Its been 10 days and she still hasn't opened up a second tab.- Anonymous

Some time ago, when cell phones just started getting cameras, my brother was showing off his new cell phone caller ID. A picture of the caller from photos taken with the the phone's camera would should every time someone called. My mom got very excited when she see saw this and told us if we get a prank call we could tell who it is.- Anonymous

One time my mom was coming to take me out of school early. She sent me a text message that read "i am at the school get your ho." She wanted me to get my homework.- Anonymous

My mom was freaking out the other day because she had lost the computer password and couldnt access the computer. I told her what it was and she still was freaking out. I get to the computer, she's trying to access her email. She said that's the only thing she uses the computer for, therefore that's her computer password.- Anonymous