Studying for finals? So sorry. A great way to procrastinate, though, is by "learning" about other things! (See? Guilt-free) Isn't that what school is all about anyway? Broadening your horizons, and stuff? Great! Now you're on board. Here are 5 YouTube channels that present new subjects in an interesting manner:


Vsauce is the giant of the group, with so many subscribers (3.3 million) that even its spinoffs (Vsauce 2 and 3) have robust followings, despite having a massively different feel. The flagship, though, is hosted by Michael, whose on-camera narration and facial contortions give these videos their signature tone — though never out of control, his enthusiasm comes across like a young, not-yet-tenured high school english teacher (complete with dramatic pauses… for effect). Otherwise, these weekly 10 minute videos cover a variety of topics, from money (How Much Money is There on Earth?) to fonts (A Defense of Comic Sans), to nature (What's the Most Dangerous Place on Earth?) to music (Will We Ever Run Out of New Music?).

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AsapSCIENCE was started by two Canadian university students, and their weekly videos explain everyday phenomenon with science (like The Science of Hair Loss or The Science of Pornography Addiction). Their videos have a delicate, stop-motion whiteboard-drawing feel, and the close, off-camera narration makes it feel more intimate than the others. Each video is around 3 minutes long. Among their biggest hits have been an ongoing series called Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind, which don't have a particular focus.

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C. G .P. Grey

C. G. P. Grey. Now here's a channel that breaks down a deliberately complex subject while somehow making it even more confusing. The narration (along with the very neatly well-done visualizations) moves so quickly that it can be hard to keep up, but the overwhelming barrage of information makes it feel that much more impressive. Who knew that becoming Pope was such a bureaucratic nightmare?

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MinutePhysics has a similar whiteboard feel to AsapSCIENCE (it actually predates it) but with a specific focus on Physics. The weekly videos have recently gotten increasingly larger (and perhaps more terrifying) in scope:

How Big is the Universe?

Does the Universe Have a Purpose?

WHAT is the Universe?

Your existential answers might be found, in this YouTube channel.

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Crash Course

Crash Course is a two-headed beast run by brothers John and Hank Green, who specialize in history and chemistry, respectively. The channel has a distinctive "TV Show" feel to it; whether it's the sets, the credits, the separation of the show into segments (like mailbag) or the camera-ready presenting of the hosts, Crash Course like a G4 show that got lost in the mail and found it's way onto YouTube. Two videos get posted each week, one for each brother, and the videos average around 12 minutes in length.

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