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Welcome to Work Sucks, the column where you get to complain about your most terrible, lousy, soul-sucking jobs. In this issue, we've brought you more of the best of your worst work stories from the past year. If your job sucks even worse than this, submit your story at the bottom of this page.

On weekends I volunteer at an old folk's home. On my second day working there, I was greeted at the entrance by the friendly dog that belongs to the home. I walked in with in with him and noticed a sweet old woman in a wheelchair beckoning me over. I smiled and asked what I could do for her. She slapped me and said, "I told you not to bring dogs in the house, bitch." Lesson Learned: Never judge a book by its cover. Because even a sweet looking old lady in a pastel pink sweater can slap you and call you a bitch.- Becka S

I work at a restaurant with very mixed clientele. When an item needs to be voided off a ticket, it requires a reason i.e. out of stock, kitchen mistake, server mistake… The most common button used in the computer is accurately labeled "Dis Nasty".- Andaru N

I work for a rural EMS service. This morning I found a patient in critical condition. Her husband wanted her taken to a local hospital and to refuse any treatment until she got there. She crashed a few minutes after we left her house. I gave her drugs to restart her heart and called for a helicopter to take her to a hospital specializing in cardiac emergencies 100 miles away. She survived with no ill effects. Her husband is furious and complained to my boss.- Para Medic

I'm a mechanic at a dealership and had to rotate tires on a car one day…no problems, brought the car in, rotated tires, backed the car out….A few minutes after finishing my manager calls me over and the customer who owns the car is fuming! "I JUST PAID YA'LL $25 TO ROTATE MY TIRES AND YOU DIDN'T DO IT!!" he screamed. "yes I did rotate your tires, sir" "NO YOU DIDN'T!! I CAN TELL BECAUSE I MARKED EACH WHEEL WITH A PEN!!!"….the three of us bent down as he showed us how the wheel had little tiny dots on it…..what he didn't realize was the car that he just bought has hubcaps…I had removed the hubcaps, rotated the tires, and put the hubcaps back on…..My boss said if he'd like us to rotate his hubcaps to let us know beforehand next time….The customer didn't even offer an apology.- Anonymous

When I was in high school I spent my summers working at a golf resort, in the hotel. I had various duties, but the summer I worked the bell desk was probably the worst experience I have had working. There was this one family in particular tha was especially bad. They were regular guests that were super demanding and always tried to find a way to get their room for free. They asked me to unpack their car for them and clean it, which I did, and take all their stuff to their room. While pushing a cart with all their stuff up to their room, one precariously balanced box of cereal fell off and spilled all over the lobby floor. In order to avoid the drama that was sure to ensue over their granola, I swept the cereal up and poured it back into the box. I came clean to the General Manager and he said that he would have done the exact same thing.- Anonymous

I worked at a family-owned bookstore that had been a community favorite for years, but was struggling against a new national chain bookstore that had opened nearby. Two good stories from this. First, a woman came in asking if we were closing. I told her no, the community was being very supportive and helpful, trying to keep us afloat. She interrupted me and said, "You're note not closing? Dang, I thought maybe you'd have a going-out-of-business sale and I could get a discount. I guess I'll go somewhere else." A while later, a woman called my department asking for a certain self-help book. She didn't know the author's name and she didn't know the title (of course). I searched the shelves for a good ten minutes and finally gave her my best guess. She was delighted—that was the book! I told her I'd put it on hold for her, and she could come pick it up anytime that day. Her reply? "No thanks, I just needed to know the title. I'm going to buy it from Amazon because it's a lot cheaper there." No wonder the store went under.- Anonymous

I worked at a Baskin Robbins for a year, dealing with the shittiest owner ever. He constantly made me work 8+ hour shifts by myself without a break and broke several other labor laws. I never confronted him because money is money and I needed the job. Today I was fired because last Sunday, a day i had requested off, i was scheduled to open, but didn't since it should have been covered. Well guess who just call got off the phone with BR headquaters, the health department, and the family lawyer regarding serveral health and labor law violations? Yeah, better lawyer up bitch.- Anonymous

So I do estimates for the cost of construction jobs for a company that represents a bunch of plumbing and heating equipment manufacturers. At the end of every month, whoever in the estimating department does the most estimates get named most valuable bidder and gets some type of prize. Since we started doing it five months ago, I've won it for times and each time I've gotten a half a day off work on a Friday, when we only work seven hours anyway. Last month one of my coworkers won and he got 2 tickets to a Ravens game on club level at the fifty yard line. I get the feeling my boss likes him more.- Anonymous

I'm in sales at a cellphone store in upstate south carolina. We have a very wide range of customers that come in the store. Mostly rednecks but we do get the occasional hottie. So, a few days ago a very attractive girl came in with her mom. She walked up to me and stated her phone wasn't working. She said, "Like I left my phone in the hot car yesterday and like the screencreen shattered from the heat, It was still like working until I threw up all over it today…Does like the warranty cover that?" O_o After explaining she would have to pay a deductible through an insurance claim and getting her set up with a new phone she asked if I would transfer her contacts. I told her "to be honest I really don't want to touch a phone you just threw up on." She seemed understanding but as her and her mother walked out I heard her mom whisper, "see if you wouldn't have told him about the throw up he would have done it." This is why I wash my hands after EVERY phone I handle.- Tony G

The other day my fiance and I were shopping in a chain store, when a middle-aged woman walked up to us and asked me where to find something in the store. I assumed she was just asking me as a fellow customer if I knew, because I wasn't wearing anything remotely resembling any kind of uniform, let alone the one worn by the store's employees. I said "I'm sorry, I have no idea" and" and received the dirtiest, most offended look ever, followed by mumblings of "unbelievable, f*cking b*tch" etc, as she stormed off. My fiance and I just looked at each other and started laughing, and when we exited the store a few minutes later we saw the woman had bailed up who I assume was the manager at the front of the store and was angrily pointing over to me and saying something loudly. The manager's face was priceless.- Anonymous