Welcome to Idiotech, the column where we shame your parents, teachers, and other old people for being dumb about technology. If you think your parents are even stupider than this, submit your story at the bottom of this page.

Oh, Right, The Colon Bracket Thingy - Image 3

My mum just asked me what the "colon bracket thingy" meant.- Anonymous

My mom just gave me her new camcorder to keep because it "just stopped working". Because she only planned on using it to film her dogs, I neglected to tell her it wouldn't record because the memory was full.- Anonymous

My mom recently called me about how to create a new folder on the desktop…- Anonymous

So I'm home for the holidays and I'm sitting on one end of the couch and my grandpa is sitting on the other. A few minutes ago, a late-night commercial for a vibrator comes on and I spend a very tense minute looking between this horrifically cheesy sex toy ad and my 84-year-old Bobba. He doesn't seem to react until the commercial is completely over when he just huffs and says "Damn, times have changed. Don't tell your Nana I just watched that all the way through."- Anonymous

My mom sends texts using the voicemail.- Anonymous

so my dad called me a few times today but I was at work so I decided to send him a text message. I knew this usually doesn't end well but sometimes my father does give me a coherent response. Today, however was not one of those occasions. Here is the correspondence between us: Me: Can't talk right now dad, sorry. I'm at work Dad: Ok r u coming over tm uncle dave after work tomorrow nmmmnmmmnmuvAAjjddddddddddddjjjqpututgggaqp Me: Wow. That's a lot of letters dad. I have to work til 10:30 tomorrow so probably not. Sorry. He did not respond.- Anonymous

My grandmother has had a computer for nearly ten years, but instead of bookmarks or favorites, she has all the websites and pages she likes as desktop icons. It takes forever just to turn on.- Anonymous

My sister and I convinced my mother, as a joke, that the internet was turned off on public holidays. She believed this for about three months before we realized she hadn't got the joke.- Anonymous

My Grandmother asked me to hook up her DVD player for her because her old one wouldn't work anymore. After pulling out 5 different cables from behind her TV that weren't connected to anything, I realized nothing was wrong with the old one. After I got the new one working, she asked me which direction to put the disc in and which button was the Play button.- Anonymous

when my mom wants to search for something on the internet, she goes to google.com, searches yahoo.com, clicks the link to yahoo, then searches things there. Her reason? " I just don't understand how google works." WTF.- Anonymous