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Nothing Sexier Than Popping Zits - Image 3

I love to pop my boyfriend's body zits to the point that if he pops one himself I get upset…I should also mention that we both love to watch zits and cysts being popped on Youtube.- Anonymous

My boyfriend took his laundry down to the basement while I stayed in his room. He came back in, crawling slowly, with his collaspable hamper folded onto his back, going "I am a turtle".- Anonymous

When I was in high school, I only dated this one girl since I'm pretty shy and I'm not too interested in many. She wasn't hot. But to me, she was very cute, pretty damn cute actually and had gorgeous eyes that you fall deep into them. (sorry to disappoint you readers since there won't be any sexual activities involved, this is MY confession time). Anyways, we had our ups and downs like in all relationships but she was worth it. She was weird, in a good way. She was definitely something. I know that she really loved me too since she sent like 1,000 texts and FB messages when I was in the hospital.(p.s she couldnt visit me since she can't drive at the time) Things were good, but like all good party, things must come to an end at some point…..One day, I told her that she's fat and needed to lose some weight…yeah definitely rough love. She ignored me for a week (could've been months if she wanted to) Anyways, we met up after that and we ended then. At the time of the break up, I was really shock and so my mind was completely blank. Regretting to this day, I never got a chance to tell her that I only wanted her to be healthy, not because I wanted her to look skinny. It just that after my defibrillator shocked me 5x in less than 24 hrs… (bad heart,right?) that I really want to spend my life with her as long as possible. That I really don't want our health to separate us…I hope that one day she might see this little confession and realize that I had my reasons….- Anonymous

my now ex girlfriend invited me to her prom, and afterwords decided that her best friend should sleep over on the same couch we were on. needless to say we went at it and even went back door for the first time. all with her best friend less then 3 feet away.- Anonymous

My ex-girlfriend is still a good friend of mine. She told me last night that she was ranking her boyfriends/relationships in order of how much she liked the guy and how good the relationship was. I was ranked on top. She broke up with me because she couldn't get over the guy who ranked on the bottom of that list.- Anonymous

Once when my BF went down on me we had to be ready to jump up quickly, so I had my yoga pants around my thighs still. After a while of playing, I got him to try a different approach, to move up underneath my legs and between my pants and me. Bad move, because when I looked down at him, his hair was pushed back and my pants and underwear were wrapped like a bandana around his forehead. This sight of him wearing my stretchy yoga pants around his head, with his tongue sticking out and a curious look on his face was too much to handle. I bust out laughing so hard he couldn't help but laugh with me. Now any mention of the words "yoga pants" cause grinning and giggling from both of us.- Anonymous

My ex-girlfriend asked permission if she could go out with some other guy. She said that she had promised this guy a date way before we were together. That's not the worst part …. I gave her permission!- Anonymous

Someone asked me whether or not my boyfriend and I had nicknames for each other, and after thinking for a moment, I said, "Well, we call each other 'hooker' a lot." And I wonder why everyone always thinks we're fighting.- Anonymous

Every time my Girlfriend and I get into a make out session, clothes start flying, and were about to commit the act, she stop and says she has to pee.- Anonymous