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I Married Her For Her PortaPotty Farts - Image 3

My wife has farts that make a state fair porta-potty smell good. This has become a nightly occurrence.- Anonymous

So I was over my boyfriend's house last night, and we started messing around a little. I got on top of him and started riding him, when all of a sudden he burst out laughing. I asked what he was laughing at and all he could get out was "Reach for the stars!" After about 10 minutes of hysterical laughter, he finally explained that somehow his mind had connected the cowgirl position with Woody from Toy Story, and "reaching for the stars" was him ejaculating. What have I gotten myself into?- naturegirf

I once went out with a girl in college but she I wasn't to tell anyone that we were seeing each other because she was "scared of commitment". I pretty much wasn't allowed to say the word relationship around her. So later on she dumped me. Then roughly 2 weeks later I saw a status update on Facebook saying she In a relationship with someone. I saw them together and he was tall and fucking ugly. Then I realised I must be the ugliest man ever if she didn't want to say she was in a relationship with me but admit it with that guy.- Anonymous

I met a beautiful, red headed, former cheerleader/dancer, on a social networking site. She was attending college in Boston, which is a bit of a drive, but we'd known each other for a little while, always clicked, and she'd recently broken up with her long term boyfriend. She was smart and had an amazing body, way hotter than anyone I'd ever hoped to get with. Needless to say, I started driving out there whenever possible to be with her and start quasi-dating. I was head over heels for her (especially after we'd hooked up a few times.) One day she tells me she wants to pull back on the whole relationship thing but that I should keep coming out whenever possible to have a friends with benefits relationship. I told her I didn't like those types of deals and only wanted to come out if we could pursue something more. It's been a year … haven't seen her since.. have been kicking my own arse every day.. and deserve all the crap my friends still give me for "being a prude"…- Anonymous

I had this friend in high school who finally got a girlfriend and I was glad for him until he started bragging about getting to second and base. They quickly broke up because he thought she was saying she loved him which made me skeptical. After a little investigating among his ex gf friends I found it was total bullshit. with this info i had fun using it as blackmail by threatening to tell her what he said as they were still friend. ps I also found out she broke up with him cause she lost interest.- Anonymous

Whenever my girlfriend confuses "your" and "you're" i correct her, even when she texts, just cuz that's what loving boyfriends do.. Usually she just brushes it off, but i don't think she fully appreciated when i corrected her when she texted "i want youre (hooha) inside my (vajayjay)"…- Anonymous

My ex-girlfirend broke up with me while I was in stationed in South Korea. She said she need some one to be there for her and seeing as I was in Korea I was not there. She had another guy a week later.- Anonymous

One summer my boyfriend and I went to a cottage and we slept in the same bed every night. When it was my last day with him came I turned to him in the morning and said that I was going to miss waking up to him every morning. he frowned and said "I am going to miss you guys so much!!" And proceeded to start cuddling with my breasts. Now everytime I see him he greets them first….- Anonymous

My girlfriend of three months and me still haven't had sex. I'm a virgin and she's not. We had quite a few opportunities but when we are already naked and ready for action she says she's too nervous…- Anonymous

I've been dating a girl for that past 4 and a half years and it's a long distance relationship. We see each other 6 months to a year which is not bad for a long distance relationship. Today i decided maybe we should try the phone sex thing, so when i called i brought it up. "hon, maybe we should try the phone sex thing" and about a couple seconds later i went "nah, it might be too awkward". She quickly replied, "Nooo! we should try it!" to which i thought mission was accomplish. soon after that statement was followed by, "Not tonight though, i have to play a game". T.T so sad am i- Anonymous