During the Super Bowl this past February, nearly every major commercial featured a prominent, unique hashtag to help "engage social media consumers" and "build virtual brand impressions" and all the other important things that normal humans who speak in normal ways say. As an avid Twittist myself, I know we all instantly rushed to Twitter to use these unique hashtags CONSTANTLY right after seeing the ads, but what happens to these hashtags months after the multi-million dollar Super Bowl commercials have aired?

I went and checked out some of the more prominent hashtags from this year's Super Bowl ads to see who's still using them in late April — here are 10 highlights of my investigation into these desolate graveyards of social media marketing buck$ extremely-well-spent:

1. M&M's – #betterwithmms

M&M's unforgettable, Meatloaf-soundtracked "Chocolate's better with M&Ms" Super Bowl campaign is clearly still having the savvy social media impact they intended:

2. Pistachios – #CrackinStyle

The Psy "Gangnam Style" Pistachos ad is still running regularly, and the #CrackinStyle hashtag has its fair share of supporters:

And not-so-supporters:

3. Toyota – #WishGranted

Toyota's "Wish Granted" campaign really reached their target market of 18-30 year old Amazing AssSwag enthusiasts:


The most recent Tweet about the Tide "Miracle Stain" is the official Tide account asking people on March 28th if they remember the Miracle Stain:

5. Fast And Furious 6 – #Fast6

The upcoming Fast And Furious installment unveiled the #Fast6 Hashtag during the Super Bowl and it is still BURNIN' UP worldwide:

6. Cars.com – #NoDrama

Cars.com promoted a #NoDrama hashtag that just so happened to be coincidentally used in a Justin Bieber Tweet that now shows up as the top result for the hashtag, with a mere 30,379 Retweets:

7. Bud Light – #HEREWEGO

Bud Light's "Here We Go" hashtag has gotten buried by Tweet after Tweet mentioning those three words in succession, leading to this social media marketing BONANZA:

8. Budweiser – #CLYDESDALES

Budweiser's "Clydesdale/Owner Reunion" commercial has continued to run pretty regularly, prompting some skeptical Tweets from the Twitter masses:

9. Mio Water – #Changestuff

The Mio Fit Water Enhancer "Change Stuff" ad is clearly making its money back tenfold with this most recent Tweet from April 25th:

10. Samsung Galaxy – #TheNextBigThing

Samsung's Super Bowl ad was memorably funny and their "#TheNextBigThing" Twitter feed is actually made up almost entirely of Samsung-related Tweets, making it an actual, legitimate social media marketing success!!! Also there's this:

In Conclusion: Keep churning out those really specific hashtags, companies, because us savvy social media cool young dudez just can't stop using them!!! Now if you'll excuse me, me and my other cool young impressionable, millenial Twittos are gonna head over to the Speed Stick #HANDLEIT hashtag page and FUUUUUUUUCK.