Have you ever sold bodily fluids for money? Do you have enough money for a Cup o' Noodles but not enough for a microwave? Do you have a system for wearing underwear for 10 days straight before washing it because you don't want to spend $2.50 on laundry? Then you, my friend, are a broke-ass college student. But don't worry too much because we want to help. We're teaming up with SALT, a free student debt resource, to give away $5,000 to the most broke-ass college student and that could be you. All you have to do is head over to the Broke-Ass Student Scholarship Page, write a short post about why you're the brokest ass, upload some pictures or videos showing how broke your ass is, and sit on your broke ass, hoping to be selected as the winner. Remember, humor and originality count in the judging so if you want the chance to get paid, make it funny!

Here's Streeter in a graduation cap to elaborate: