Welcome to Idiotech, the column where we shame your parents, teachers, and other old people for being dumb about technology. If you think your parents are even stupider than this, submit your story at the bottom of this page.

You Phone Is Watching You

I convinced my mom that you could use Photoshop to see behind other objects. We now have several dozen pictures of buildings in front of of the Golden Gate bridge.- sweetfreedomwhisperedinmyear

When my mom found out she had a front facing camera on her phone, she freaked out and threw the phone because she thought it was watching her….- Morgan

I texted my grandma "Am I going over your house Saturday?" She called me, said "Yes" then hung up.- flutterbybaby123

Back in the first year of high school, the computer class teacher asked everyone what Windows is. I replied that it's an operating system, to which some idiot behind me called me a hacker. Every since, everyone in my class called me "the hacker".- F S

I work as a new-media technician/teaching assistant at one of few art collages in Norway. The other day one of the Professors (painting) asked me to fix some cables for her office because she wanted move her desk to the other side of the room witch is massive and also functions as her studio. When I arrive she shows me where she wants things to be moved and then starts complaining that that she asked for a new computer ( she already have been given two laptops during the last year) but the IT guys just got her a monitor instead, when I look at it I realise not only that its a brand new iMac but that its turned on, have a mouse and keyboard attached and several documents open. Still not sure if I should have replaced it with a old desktop machine and kept the iMac for myself.- Anonymous

After going round to visit my neighbors just before Christmas and my neighbor brings out her new Christmas present: an iPad. On boasting how good ebooks are on it she then showed us how to order an ebook. After doing this she then said "and you wait till the next day and it arrives at your door!" She was just ordering books through amazon on her iPad.- Anonymous

My uncle keeps his phone off until he is going to call somebody to save money.- Anonymous

My mom always emails a general time she is going to call me on my cell phone. Then if i miss the call she doesn't leave a message, she emails me again and says to call her.- Anonymous

My dad just asked if I have Google on the internet.- Anonymous

My dad referred to the ever popular blogs as "b-logs" (pronounced bee logs). I didn't correct him for the longest time because it was so funny. Then my husband told him how it was properly pronounced thus ending my fun. :)- Anonymous