Welcome to Idiotech, the column where we shame your parents, teachers, and other old people for being dumb about technology. If you think your parents are even stupider than this, submit your story at the bottom of this page.

Meet Me at Facebook

My dad told me to meet him at Facebook. He meant Starbucks.- Anonymous

The other day my mom asked me to fix the printer. The computer was telling her it was offline. She thought she had to plug it into "the internet" to print things. turns out: A: the printer was turned off, and B: only had to be plugged into the computer to work. USB and ethernet ports are not compatible.- Anonymous

I just wrote and tested my own video game for the Xbox360. My mom objected to it because she thought that connecting my laptop to the Xbox with an ethernet cable to transfer the game over would "break the laptop with electricity".- Anonymous

My mom opened up her web browser. I recently set the homepage to Google. She exclaimed "Oh, we have Google now!"- Anonymous

This is actually my twin sister, which makes it so much worse. I have the same basic model flip phone as her, and I was sitting next to her texting, when she looks over my shoulder and says "wow you put in punctuation so fast!" to which I asked her what she meant and she proceeded to explain that you need to switch out of word mode and into symbols mode then pick out what punctuation you want and then insert it into the text message on her phone. I was laughing for about ten minutes before I showed her how you just hit the 1 button to get punctuation. Oh, and we've had this phone for almost two years.- Anonymous

My mother uses hotmail for her email and it's set as her homepage for easy access. She has yet to figure out the home button, address bar, or opening a new browser, but gets around this by selecting a bookmark she has of a google search for hotmail.- Anonymous

My mom just got her first cellphone. I texted her a yes or no question. She replied "wdp"……- Anonymous

I was talking about running out of space on my laptop and my dad excitedly spoke up " the other day I bought an external hard with a TIGGABYTE of memory, that's a lot right?"- Anonymous

Whenever my stepmom gets an error in a dialog box on her computer, she just turns off the monitor and says, "I'll wait for your dad to get home and look at this."- Anonymous

My mom, who teaches people how to use computers for a living, calls me into her office one day. She was on facebook and couldn't figure out to look at pictures of my cousin's new baby girl. Understandable. Except for he hadn't posted any pictures of the baby because she had been born about an hour beforehand. Her theory was that since my cousin had updated his status to say "Just had a baby girl" that he could post pictures. I didn't even bother explaining what smart phones could do.- Anonymous