We asked our staff to share their current favorite thing on the Internet. Whether old or new, video or picture, we have strong feelings about these weird pieces of Internet Garbage.

Chubby Checker Gets Creepy

As far as popular dances go, The Twist is pretty innocuous. But the man behind said 1960's dance craze, one Chubby Checker, revealed a darker side of himself eeeeever so briefly during the performance of his comeback single "Knock Down the Walls" on the Early Show back in 2008. The song is weird enough. The band, even weirder (I'm looking at you, back-up singer wearing cargo shorts and a visible phone holster on national television). But make it into the guitar solo, and past the high-kick, and you will bear witness to a moment of sexual yearning so intense that you will never be able to do the twist quite the same way again. It is truly bizarre, and also responsible for quite possibly the hardest I have ever laughed in my life.