Getting better every week, so many great moments. I loved the flashbacks we got to see how intertwined everyone’s lives are. Granted they have been jamming connections and coincidence since the getgo. Yet there is something cool to seeing Hiro as a skinny kid, and that his dad (if he is really his father) is in cahoots with both paper co. guy AND Eric Roberts, who I will dub Best of the Best (after his best role).

Two great cameos, two weeks in a row. We had Best of the Best this week, and last week the Bus Driver was played by the same guy who played the Mailman in the Fantastic Four movie.

Though one flashback that may not have gone over that well was the flashback to see the ‘mute’ Haitian as a boy. According to my only black friend LeMar ‘he didn’t look anything like the Haitian, racist NBC, racist Tim Kring.’ What he really should have said was racist Gabrus because, I was like oh a big headed black kid looks just like him.

I was a little upset that we didn’t get to see Princess Emoticon this week, mostly because she is hot, but also where the hell did she go? She gets introduced in one episode gone the next, especially since they were trying to hack into his computer in this one, wouldn’t you want to bring the chick who has a sick body and a gig of ram in her brain?

I feel this show does best when they don’t worry about trying to catch us up on all the characters, this week we avoided the m