Yeah, laughter yoga is a terrifying, real thing. The premise is pretty easy to grasp: laughing is therapeutic, and the more you laugh, the happier you will be. But things get a little unsettling when people FORCE — I mean really strain — themselves to laugh in order to find inner peace. It's like looking into the face of pure insanity.

This guy knows what we're talking about:

This woman is a certified laughter coach, who seems happier than I'll ever be:

No, really, look at how much she loves pencils:

I mean, there's no way this method would make anyone uncomfortable

And it definitely won't make you look like just… just the craziest person in world.

It WILL however, allow you to make some new, completely normal friendships.

So call up some buddies, get on your crazy pants, and enjoy your insanity.

Source: Styleforum