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Zebras Dont Have Spots, Babe

I showed my girlfriend a picture of a caterpillar, and commented on its ugly coloration, black with yellow spots. She replied "Ugh, I hate animals with spots… Except for zebras!" She's a law student.- Anonymous

So I was flying back to the USA from Australia because I am from there and I was going back to visit family and friends etc. I was on the plane from Sydney to San Fran and I ended up having three seats to myself in a window aisle which was a huge win! Anyway, I'm about halfway through the flight in the middle of watching "Grown Ups" on my laptop when this girl came up to me and to me and asked how I had gotten three seats to myself. My answer of course was "I'm awesome, why else?", and we both had a giggle. She sat down and we started hitting it off until 10 minutes later we started making out. The lady across the aisle kept on making eye contact with me and giving me a death stare that would have melted through the window if I wasn't there. My hookup (who I discovered was named Hillary) then fell asleep on my lap. The lady still kept on staring me down, and judging me, ensuing to one of the most awkward times of my life. She woke up probs an hour later and said she had to go to the bathroom, and never returned. I never saw her again.- Anonymous

In high school my best friends girlfriend asked him if he would still love her if she "went retarded" (you know because that just happens). It was the biggest fight they ever had. Laughing about this, my girlfriend (at the time) and I asked each other the same thing. We both promptly replied no.- Anonymous

My boyfriend has forced me to go see every twilight movie so far, he cant wait for the next one. he honestly cant see how terrible they are, and it is torture watch them T.T i now know the pain of every guy unfortunate enough to have a girlfriend who likes twilight.- Anonymous

One night while fooling around with my boyfriend, I was sitting naked on top of him giving him a hand job and he told me to talk dirty to him. As I was talking the dirtiest I could, I farted… on top of him…- Anonymous

This summer a hot girl that I liked called me for a ride home from a party. As soon as she got in my old mustang she asked me if I had hooked up with anyone in it. Ironically I haven't. Right away she tells me she would like to hook up. Now she is really drunk and I'm not so I try being the good guy decline. She gets all embarrassed and ever since has decided that she wants absolutely nothing to do with me. So no girl, and no sex.- Anonymous

So i've been seeing this girl for some time now, and she's great; loves to cuddle, kiss, gets involved with the dumb stuff I do like planking or even owl-ing, we laugh and can be serious when we need too, soon after she has been kinda distant with me, and I finally asked her what was wrong and why she's been so distant with me… she answers "My husband doesn't like the fact that we been messing around" then i replied "Wait… your married?!"- Anonymous

My wife says driving my car is funny to her since the steering wheel is thicker due to it being a sports car, which I asked why is that funny? She replied " because of the thickness of the steering wheel it reminds her of giving me a handjob"- Anonymous

About six months ago I made an agreement with my girlfriend that if I watched a chick flick with her, then she would watch me play the first Metal Gear Solid in its entirety. She loved watching me play the game so much that the minute we finished the game she made me start playing Metal Gear Solid 2. We made it through the entire series, and she has since thenasked me to play through them again and is planning on buying the next release for me. I'm marrying this girl in 2 months.- Anonymous