William Howard Taft was not only history's heaviest President, he was also the heaviest partier, throwing the first series of White House Ragers (aka "The Parties on the Potomac"). Though we can't be sure that the excesses of the Taft presidency led to the implementation of prohibition seven later, we do know that he left elected office for a role on the Supreme court, summing up his feelings on campaigning by saying:

Politics makes me sick. And so, quite frankly , does Jaegermeister. And yet I am eyeballs deep in both… So figure that s*** out.

The urban legend regarding Taft getting stuck in a bathtub is probably an allusion to his fervent love of bath tub gin. When Taft became incapacitated his chief of staff, General Leonard Wood, would often inform those seeking him that he was "stuck in the tub again."

Drunk Quotes from History: William Howard Taft