If Australia Really Was Like Outback Commercials
  1. We open on a massive, pristine beach where a bunch of laid-back, cool-lookin' twentysomethings are engaged in a vague, perpetual beach party around seventeen bonfires.

  2. Cool Cargo Shorts Dude

    AUSSIE BEACH PAHHTY!!! I'm genna drive me Jeep into the bloody ocean!

  3. Hot Girl in Bikini Top and Safari Hat

    SOUNDS KILLAH!!! Hey Kangaroo Steve, toss me some shrimp though a wave of bread crumbs so they hit each other in mid aiyah!!

  4. Kangaroo Steve

    RIGHT-O! Just cuttin off a slivera steak and crumblin little thingies on top in slow mo! CRIKEY! It's so tasty I'm genna jump off this friggin cliff inta turquoise water!!!

  5. Other Hot Girl Laughing at a Steak??

    YEW CALL THAT A KNOOYFE?? Jest kiddin! Hey Waterskiing Santa, pass me that drawn buttah, I wanna dunk some lobstah in it way too haahd so it splashes EVERYWHEYAH!

  6. Waterskiing Santa

    Don't feget ta squeeze a lemon in the air near that lobstah! And help yahself to some salad with tumbling croutons or soup that's clearly just a bowl o' cream with three tiny green onions! Aftah we each eat a giant-ass fried onion, as all us Australians constantly do!

  7. Hot Girl in Bikini Top and Safari Hat

    HOLY KOALA DINGOS EVERYONE! Heeah comes one o' those planes with the water landeroos! And it's full o' cake with a buncha red fruit shit drippin off it!

  8. Kangaroo Steve


  9. Cool Cargo Shorts Dude


  10. Waterskiing Santa

    Should one of us staht an economy or something?

  11. (Gets hit by 18 buttery boomerangs. Scene.)