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If She Knows Star Wars, Its True Love

Last night my wife and I were fixing supper and I casually asked her if she liked her bacon crunchy or chewy? Without pause she replied "Graaaaaarahhhaaaaaaaa" (*Wookiee Noise). I am ashamed to admit she as never seen a single Star Wars episode… all her knowledge of the force she has merely picked up in reference from me. The fact she associated chewy bacon with Chewbacca….. I have never loved her more.- J Larry

Sometimes, when I think my boyfriend is taking a nap I'll go into his room all sneakily thinking I'll jump on him to wake him up… but as soon as I get to the edge of the bed he'll jump out of some other random place in the room and jump on me! He hides in a different place every time so if even if I go in thinking I know where he'll be he still gets me.- Taylor K

I was visiting my boyfriend over the summer, and the room where I was staying is the same room where his family's two cats live. The first night after I arrived, we were naked on the bed and about to have sex for the first time in months (being in a long distance relationship, and all). I felt something on my feet and thought that his toenails were scratching me. I looked down, and one of the cats had decided that my wiggling toes were toys, and was batting at them, claws out. Fun times. I got up and locked him out of the room. A few minutes later, my boyfriend and I were back to making out, with him on top of me, and the other cat jumped up and crawled between our chests and laid down on my breasts. We locked him out, too. The next day, I returned to the room to find that they had gotten into my container of condoms, and the condoms were everywhere, including all over his dad's office. The day after, I found that they had found the used condoms in the trash and torn them up and left them all over the office. These cats really did not want my boyfriend and I to have sex.- MD

I started dating a girl about 2 months before Christmas one time. Things were going good and normal. I had asked her what she wanted as a gift for Christmas and she said a ring. I thought nothing of it and bought her a decent ring and gave it to her for Christmas. Well had I known what ring she really wanted, I would have ran away on the spot. An engagement ring 2 months in? "Stupid" me bought her a birthstone normal ring. At age 20 at the time, engagement was the last thing on this guys mind.- Billy M

I got my girlfriend pregnant. Bad news, I wont see her for a while since I have to go back to my base. Worse news, I haven't told her I am in the military yet.- Bret M

Remember how we dated for 3 years? Remember how we moved out together? Remember when you cheated on me, told girls you were single, pushed me, yelled at me till you were red in the face? Remember if I ever took off my promise ring you got mad? Remember how you moved out without telling me, TWICE? Now I'm fucking your bestfriend of 10 years. You call me a slut. I call it a win.- Brianna G

My ex gf called me yesterday. She told me that i am due at the courthouse because i dropped out her transmission and ruined her 1st gear and reverse. She would never let me drive her car. Now, i owe her $5000.- Justin K

Had a girlfriend last week, until she decided to check how reliable I am… She told me she was pregnant, I said what any guy would say: "Whatever you decide we'll do it". I assumed she was testing me! She then told me she was testing me. A week later I tested her, I said I saw her making out with a guy and getting into his room a couple of days ago. Her answer was: " It's not what you think, We only had sex that one time." Who the fuck is that guy? I don't know but guess what, I fucked your sister two months ago!- Anonymous

I made the mistake of beginning a relationship with a girl who was still going to be in high school 2 months before I went to college. Because of this, I found myself constantly having to stay away from anything with a vagina, and therefore a ridiculous amount of social gatherings, because of her insecurities, and I could count on one hand the number of friends I had that were girls. I spent countless hours being yelled at on the phone, and reassuring her my intentions were pure and that she meant more to me than the other girls I came into contact with. Flash forward a year, and now it's her turn. She goes to our rival school for a week and literally all of her friends are guys. They're taking her dancing and swimming and laying on her floor watching movies together, and meanwhile I'm practically being completely ignored. When I began to address my feelings on the matter with her, she blatantly said "Sorry, I know that wasn't fair to you last year, but I'm not going to give up my guy friends just because it makes you uncomfortable." Now I'm single, I've wasted a year of my college career, and disregarded potential friendships for someone who clearly couldn't care less about the way I feel. You guys aren't kidding when you say dating is complicated.- Austin Y