Welcome to Roommate Confessions, the column where we share the worst stuff you've done to your roommate. If you think you can top these stories, confess your sins at the bottom of this page.

Who Doesnt Flick Their Boogers

I always flick my boogers towards your side of the room.- Conor B

Remember how you kept running out of food, especially popcorn, which you ate at least 5 times a week? And you were too much of a pussy to confront anyone about it? Of course it was me, and my friends. That will teach you to actually go to class, occasionally take a shower, and not play dungeons and dragons until 3 o'clock in the morning. No wait, it didn't, you failed out.- AJN

When you started that new acne cream I warned you it may bleach your towels. Seemed like the right time to start using them to clean bird shit off my car. Don't bitch that I am getting a dog.- Dave L

Hey you know how you and your boyfriend got sick and you thought it was the flu? I think it had something to do with me using your toothbrushes to clean our bathroom. Do your chores for once bitch! Oh and I bet you thought it was bad luck having a police officer see you get kicked out of a bar and getting a ticket just weeks before your 21st birthday. For the record, I told the bouncer and called the cops on your underage ass. You had it coming you psycho bitch. I'm not counting down til the end of the school year; I'm counting down the days until you move out.- Anonymous

All you ever did was sit on your ass, play video games and smoke pot all day. No one wanted to put up with your crap anymore. That's why one of your full boxes of spaghetti was thrown out, your flip flops ended up in the freezer, your converses in the dishwasher and cleaning closet(which was the best spot since you never opened either.) Also, that's why we partially froze the door handle to your room after taking it off, almost fully freezing it, and putting it in the most wild spots possible. you tried to act tough by calling us out for leaving you numerous notes to clean your shit, but it backfired when our fourth roommate chewed your ass out for it. I hope this experience taught you something, your 19 years old and in college, GROW THE FUCK UP. stop being a lazy slob and have fun going to a closer to home school while living with your parents, cause you probably flunked out of our college and aren't man enough to be able to live without mommy cleaning up for you.- Anonymous

You weren't that bad in hindsight, but when I was pissed at you I'd let the gases build up then run to the bathroom, drop my pants and underwear, and rip ass into your little pink face towel. I'm actually surprised you never came down with pink eye.- Katie K

You've been walking to class all quarter cause your bike that you leave sitting around unlocked all the time was "stolen" (at a campus where the biggest crime is bike theft… surprised much?). You waited a week to ask us if we knew anything about it, and we all said we had no idea where your bike was. We lied. We moved it to the bike racks next door… like 20 feet away, and away, and visible from our bike racks. Maybe if you actually leave the house once in a while instead of sitting inside, ordering nasty takeout food every day, leaving plates of who knows what sitting on your bed for weeks at a time and hotboxing our room and drawing the girls sunbathing outside claiming its "totally normal from an art perspective" you'd notice it, you sick fuck. Oh, and shut up about how much you can't wait to transfer cause you don't have any friends here and no one gets you. I'm pretty sure a creep is a creep no matter what campus you go to.- SC

My freshman year i supplied mine and my roommates dorm room with everything (T.V., stereo, fridge, PS2) as well as my laptop. Captain Douche couldn't figure out how to lock the door when he went to class. Everyday i came home our door was left unlocked because he had trouble remembering his keys. One day i went to class late to make sure he left before me. I saw he had left his keys. I went onto his computer and found the grossest porn i could find and played it so that it kept looping. When he came home he had to have the RA unlock the door, and when he did he saw a great compilation of people peeing and pooping on each other. He had no problem remembering his keys after that.- Kevin G

soo remember when you went behind my back and was talking and having sex with my boyfriend at the time? well since you wanted to be a backstabber, everytime i went to the bathroom, instead of using toilet paper i would wipe with your face towel : )- KW