We're not saying you should stop singing if it's your passion, or whatever. We're just saying you should stop singing IN FRONT of people. Especially that cover song. Because it's bad. Like, it's really bad. Here's 10 of the worst cover songs people did they we wish they hadn't.

1. Boom Boom Boom-The Outhere Brothers

This song may seem spectacularly bad, but let's not forget that the original is also spectacularly bad. BUT! If you stick it out until the end, good ol' CathyMay15 gives the camera a little wink as if to say, "yeah, I know this sucks And you still liked it." She also points the camera into her crotch, so, way to go Cathy.

2. E.T.-Katy Perry

If you wait about halfway through the video, it seems like Nanaluvstrouble's video sort of skips and freezes for a bit. It's almost like watching a weird Japanese cartoon where the mouthing is totally off but the plot is so confusing you keep watching.

3. My Humps-Blacked Eyed Peas

There is nothing more confusing, or entertaining, than watching two children trying to indoctrinate non-Christians by parodying a song that's entirely about having sex. I mean, what's better than a clean version of "My humps, my humps, my humps, my humps."

4. Should've Said No-Taylor Swift

If you watch this video all the way through, you can count how many times she blinks on one hand.

5. Tik Tok-Kesha

I have to admit, I can actually understand the lyrics when she sing-talks them as opposed to when I listen to Ke$ha. Way to sing talk your heart out.

6. Amazing Grace

There's definitely some group vocals goin' on here. Now, it's unclear whether the people watching this guy felt really uncomfortable so they chimed in, or they are just into the good lord's music, but GOOD LORD please stop.

7. I Will Always Love You-Whitney Houston

The vocals, and vocabulary, become more aggressive as the video goes on. From a simple "fuck" to just a barrage of terrifying shrieks. Fair warning: turn down your speakers if you don't intend on going deaf.

8. Looking For a City

The awkward fumbling in the beginning is no match for the beautiful, angelic noise that comes out of this man's soul at the one minute mark. Brace yourselves for the music of a heavenly chorus.

9. Can You Feel the Love Tonight-Elton John

William Hung's ability to take a classic song and turn it into just a giant ear fart is impeccable. When you get to the chorus, it's just magical. Magical the same way watching stray cats get it on in an alley is magical.

10. Heavy Metal Lover-Lady Gaga

One of her false eyelashes may or may not fall off while she's performing. Now I can't say for sure, so you'll have to watch for yourselves. Definitely turn this on if you have a HEAVY METAL LOVA in or around your room.