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So You Use Magnums, Huh

After having sex with with my girlfriend one night on my mom's couch, I went to throw away the used condom but I had forgot I placed the wrapper in between sofa cushions. So a few days later my girlfriend and I go visit my mom and she has couple friends over. She calls me into the kitchen with all of her friends and nonchalantly says, " So you use Magnums huh?" Before I could answer, she shouts with absolute glee," My son is packing!" Next thing I know she is high fiving all of her friends, my girlfriend then puts her hands down my pants and grabs my crouch and starts to rub it for several moments shouting, OH YES HE IS!" repeatedly. But I all I could do was sit there and think to myself whether I should be more embarrassed that my mom is cheering with her friends about my member or that my girlfriend is actually giving my a handjob in front of my mom and her friends.- I.B.

My fiancee and I are in our early 20s and have been together for quite awhile. We have a rule that we don't have sex in our parent's houses out of respect, but once we were at my parent's house for a week and that's a little long for us. We decided to go for a drive, but we'd never had to look for an area in my hometown before. We eventually found an empty lot that was in a heavily wooded area. We turned out the head lights just in case some cops came down the road and it was spooky dark. We had the fastest quicky ever because our imaginations got the best of us.- Katherine M.

My boyfriend and I were at sears one day bikini shopping. I went to try it on and he casually entered with me. One thing leads to another and we start fooling around in the dressing room. About an hour goes by and we get our clothes back on and the second we're both dressed and ready to go, the lady who works there asks if there's anyone in there. I say that I am just finishing up and she stands by the door. I go to leave and she sees there is a boy with me. We both beeline out of there apologizing apathetically, put the bikini back and leave the store. Neither of us will ever shop there again, but it was pretty damn funny.- A.H.

My girlfriend tells me that I wake up in the middle of the night, nudge her and ask "Are you asleep?" When she says "No," I say "Okay," and then go back to sleep. I do this at least three times a night.- R.R.

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I were visiting her parents . when getting there here parents were strict and uptight like they had some kind of stick up there ass. anytime they would see us be romantic in some type of way they would either awkwardly start making conversation or squeeze right in the middle of us so we couldn't touch other . Also making it 10 times worse we had to sleep in different rooms. Finally one night her parents decide to go out for dinner and a movie. After her parents finally left we started fooling around. As it started to really get hot and heavy girlfriend and I kept on hearing this buzzing noise coming from inside the couch, we tried to ignore until the couch started to ring . We got off the couch and look around didn't see any phone, But then I say the most terrified look I have ever seen on my girlfriend face. I asked her "whats wrong " and she pulled out of her cellphone from her back pocket and realizing that during when we were fooling around she butt dial'd her mom and dad. Her mom got a 10 minute voice mall message of her orgrasming at the top of her lunges and me dirty talking to her. We also realized that the vibrating and her phone ringing was her parents trying to call us leaving us 10 voice mail calling screaming at us. Now anytime we start to fool around we always make sure our phones are not in our pockets!- Melissa G.

I had been dating a girl for a while last Christmas break and all my roommates had gone home already. I had plans with her that night but hadn't heard from her on when we where hanging out. I left my phone in the living room and hopped in the shower. For some reason I took like a twenty minute shower and sang as loud as possible in every voice I could do. After finishing my falsetto singing and long shower I went through my roommates room to check my phone. After finding 3 missed calls I noticed the purse and women's shoes in my living room and realized I had just given her the most embarrassing private concert of all time.- Brad C.

I used to play World of Warcraft with my now ex-girlfriend because of our long distance relationship and her lack of webcam or speakers. And one night while I was helping her level in Teldrassil it was getting pretty close to 4AM so I told her that I wanted to go to sleep. She agreed and insisted that our WoW characters slept next to each other. So we both laid down and said our goodnights, and when I decided it was time to sleep I teleported to an inn so I could get some rested experience for the next time I played. She called me up a minute later and yelled at me for leaving her alone in the middle of a dark scary forest to be killed by giant spiders… And she wouldn't play with me ever again because of it.- Vallane the Holy Paladin

My boyfriend had gone with me and my parents to visit my family in another city. The house was not that big, so we had the chance to share a bunkbed together (the bottom). On the top, there were 2 kids (my nephews) who we got to go to sleep soon. We felt a little frisky and started kissing (silently), and the one thing led to another. We didn't have condoms so I asked him to do it without and shoot outside. Being horny and the emotion of the moment made my BF come, and he had to hold it (the cum) in his hands, and then go to the restroom to clean up. On the way there, he met my sister who I think had no idea what we were doing..hehehe.. Maybe she found out later when she cleaned the blankets.hehehe.- Guadalupe J.

I was fooling around with my GF (ex-now) in her parents' house.Her mom was out of the city and her dad would come late. We started making out in one of the rooms (which it had a window leading to a hall), and started kissing and started role playing secretary-boss game, when suddenly we have a glance of a person walking thru the hall and immediately stood up (fortunately, we had our clothes on). It was her father who showed up earlier. He never said anything to us, and we're not 100% sure he saw us, but until now we still have some doubts about it.- John S.