Welcome to Idiotech, the column where we shame your parents, teachers, and other old people for being dumb about technology. If you think your parents are even stupider than this, submit your story at the bottom of this page.

Grandpa Put the Electronic Teapot on the Stove

Today, my grandpa put our electronic teapot on the stove to make coffee….. the battery melted and it still smells awful.- George M.

My mom is convinced that the hissing she hears in the telephone is caused by me using the internet. She insists that it gets worse when i play xbox because "you're stressing the lines."- Anthony L.

My mother-in-law recently asked my wife and me to come over and set up her new plastic Christmas tree, and was excited that it already had lights built in. As I assembled the tree and asked her if she had an extension cord, she said, "Oh, you still have to plug it in?"- Dustin S.

My father is insisting that the cable company will record shows for you, so you can watch them later. I asked him if he was talking about a DVR, which we don't have. He said, no, his ex-girlfriend used to do it all the time. After arguing and searching for a few minutes, he brought over a pamphlet from the cable company and pointed to the section titled, "DVR." He still thinks he's right.- Matt Y.

My Grandma thought her cell phone was broken because she couldn't hear the dial tone.- Annie M.

My dad, who is a senior software engineer, couldn't program the remote to connect to the TV.- Anonymous

On the radio people were calling in to tell funny stories about their parents using facebook and one guy called in and said when his mom got facebook she asked him and his brother what "LOL" meant so they convinced her it stood for "lots of love". Well she believed it and they would laugh every time she misused it until the day their Grandma died and their moms facebook status read "Grandma passed away today LOL."- Anonymous

My dad decided to take my sister and I to see Jack Johnson live. We got to the concert just as the supporting act "Tegan and Sara" were doing their last few songs. The first thing he asked when we sat down was…."is that Jack Johnson playing?"- Rob C.