Welcome to Idiotech, the column where we shame your parents, teachers, and other old people for being dumb about technology. If you think your parents are even stupider than this, submit your story at the bottom of this page.

Email Me The Folder

Last year during march madness I was running a bracket pool and needed hard copies of everyone's bracket. I had my friends from home drop off a hard copy at my mom's house so she could scan them and send them to me. She had a lot of image files so I told her to put them into a folder and email it to me. She put all the brackets into a physical folder, scanned the folder, and sent me an image of the front of the folder.- Matt S.

My dad commented on my facebook status and said that I was very literate and very creative and smart. He was commenting to an automatic acronym app on facebook. Way to go dad!- Tyler M.

My mom checks her Facebook notifications and messages by checking her email- Kyle D.

My grandfather still goes through the whole 5-minute AOL sign in process every time he uses the internet… Even though he has broadband and internet explorer- M.S.

My mom just got a cellphone and when she texts me, she writes everything in the subject box instead of the message box, and she tells me that she is frustrated that she has a 50 word limit on texts. I end up getting texts with subjects like, 'Can you pick up some milk on your way home? xoxo mom', and no message.- Raquelle M.

My mom came to visit the other day and I asked her to bring me my old PS2 so I could use it to watch DVDs in my bedroom. She brought me the N64.- Anonymous

My grandma is always saying "Now this is a Kodak moment. Get the camera". I then explain she has a Cameron, not a Kodak.- Anonymous

I run deliveries for my cousin's clothing store. A few days ago, after returning to the store to sign out, my boss (my cousin) asked me to look at his computer because it was running slow. As I checked the system his wife was looking over my shoulder, so I was explaining it to her. I noticed the computer had 512mb (very low) RAM so I told her to speed up the computer she would need to buy more. At this point my boss, trying to show off his technological skills, comes over and starts "agreeing" with me. He then pointed out that the problem was the "bad megabytes" and that they needed to get "better ones." I opted to not say anything.- Alex B.