7. Old person does something that only young people are supposed to do!

"What up G? Just playin' some Bingo fo'shizzle up in this izzle, mofo beotch! PAYYYCE!" [Crosses Arms]

"Oh Graaaaandmaaaaaa..."


8. Person about to kill hero gets killed suddenly by someone offscreen

"Looks like the end for you, Mister Hero. I'll just say a few taunting words, then I'll just shoot you right in the face and your body will be laying there, and that'll be kinda weird and gross, and I'll walk out of here and continue doing villain stuff as planned, but either way, it's definitely what is going to happen. Just gotta cock the gun one more time for some reason and...OOP. NOW I'M IMPALED ON A TRIDENT. IT'S THE HERO'S LADY FRIEND WHO I ASSUMED WAS DEAD AND/OR TOO WEAK TO INTERVENE. I'M TOO SHOCKED BY THIS DEVELOPMENT TO STILL JUST SHOOT ANYWAY..." [Dies]


9. Someone's current boyfriend/girlfriend is just a relentless asshole

"You know what? I'm almost starting to think that I shouldn't have gotten engaged to this objectively awful human with whom I have nothing in common. Did you SEE how poorly he/she treated that nice waitress? I guess I'll give it some time and see if anything else happens love-wise in the next ninety minutes or so, but otherwise I'll just go through with the wedding as planned. Oh well."


10. Someone says "You look like you've seen a ghost" to someone who's literally just seen a ghost

"I know you haven't actually seen a ghost, cause that's absurd, I'm just saying this common specific phrase that people often say to indicate that a person looks surprised and unnerved. Yes there are numerous expressions to indicate this, it just so happens I've chosen this ghost-related one. Why does it appear that I've only unnerved you further? Explain!"


11. Characters completely don't care about sacrificing themselves

"Guys - we gotta blow ourselves up to possibly slightly help the main characters. This is something we just gotta do. EVERYBODY WITH ME? No reason to shit our pants and do everything in our power to continue living our lives, as most humans in any situation are programmed to do, because who cares? We're just like, these side-character movie dudes."


12. Character says something over the line, entire room falls silent, then EVERYBODY BREAKS OUT LAUGHING!

"You should watch yourself, dopey main character who's in over his head."

"Maybe YOU should watch YOURself, scary intimidating mob boss man!"


"...HAHAHAHA! THIS GUYYYYYY!!! I love this guy!!!! You's got's spunk's, Kid! You make me laugh! I like that. Hey Goono, fix our friend here a Scotch and have Cocktail Dress mistress lady serve it to 'em! We's gonna be the best o' unlikely pals for the rest of this motion picture."


Honorable Mentions: Person runs in excitedly talking about good news then realizes something tragic has happened; Characters arguing then one kisses the other mid-sentence; Zombie movies where characters newly figure out the rules of zombies, having no knowledge of zombie mythology; Person shuts bathroom mirror slightly and SOMETHING'S THERE NOW; Character hides and a small dog finds them and they keep trying to shoosh the dog, etc. Other movie cliches we never need to see again? Feel free to Leave 'em in the comments!


(Movie GIFs by 'Giffmasta' Alex Schmidt)