There's lots of wedding planning material out there, but all of it is wrapped in lace, dipped in soft words and put on display behind rose-colored glass. Weddings are difficult, expensive events to plan, and most guides will gloss over a few annoying truths. So here, as fair warning, are 7 things no one else will tell you about planning a wedding.


  1. Your closest friends

    Oh my god, everyone is getting married at the same time. Just this month I have three weddings, six bachelor parties, and eighteen bridal showers

  2. You

    Wow, that sounds like a lot.

  3. Your closest friends

    Yeah, I'm exhausted. It's like, ugh, I don't even want to get all dressed up and spend a bunch of money to go to your stupid wedding AND have to buy you a gift on top of that.

  4. You


  5. Your closest friends

    I'm not talking about yours, of course. I'm talking about all those OTHER horrible weddings that were pretty much exactly the same as yours will be.

  6. You


  1. Wedding Guide

    Congratulations on your special day. And by "you" I'm assuming you're the bride. Now that it's just us gals here it's time for some straight talk -- your husband-to-be is a Jim Belushi-esque man-child who is as inept at wedding planning as he is uninterested in it. You'll still want him to feel involved so he doesn't get distracted and try to recreate Bud Light commercials with his buddies in the backyard, so maybe you should let him get the marriage license. Guys love that paperwork stuff. Makes 'em feel manly. But you should check up on him a couple times to make sure that fucking idiot can actually manage this ONE SIMPLE TASK. Do you have to do everything around here? While you're here planning a wedding, he's in the alley trying to catch stray dogs. Oh, but you love that big galoot. Now, let's get started!

  2. You

    I'm the groom.

  3. Wedding Guide

    I am a book and cannot hear you.

  1. Caterer

    Hello! How can I help you?

  2. You

    Hi, yeah, I'm calling because your website says you do weddings but it doesn't list how much you charge, what food you serve, or any other information that any person would reasonably want to know.

  3. Caterer

    Ha ha, no, it certainly doesn't! So, you want us to do your wedding, huh?

  4. You

    Well, no, not necessarily. Do you have a menu or something that explains what kind of food you make?

  5. Caterer

    We can make any kind! This is your special day!

  6. You

    You're the food experts here. We don't know what we're doing. What kind of stuff have you made in the past?

  7. Caterer

    All kinds of stuff!

  8. You

    I just -- never mind. How much do you charge, on average?

  9. Caterer

    Well that depends what kind of food you get.

  10. You

    Why are you so awful?

  11. Caterer

    Tell ya what: instead of answering these basic questions now, why don't we schedule a meeting for next month where I'll avoid your questions in person. That way I can waste more of both our time.

  12. You

    Do I have a choice?

  13. Caterer


  1. DJ

    Alright, everyone, stop having fun! Instead, gather around to watch the bride and groom do something they are terrible at -- dancing! Now normally this is something that they would only do after consuming half their weight in alcohol in a completely dark room, but on this special day they will instead ask for the complete attention of their closest friends and family. They have selected either a slow "romantic" song that will immediately devolve into boring swaying, or a peppy song that will have them clumsily stumbling over each other for three minutes. Each minute will last one eternity. After that, they will both dance with their parents -- something they have never had any reason to do before this moment.

  1. Amazed Guest

    Oh my god, did you notice the chairs?

  2. Awed Guest

    I did! These chairs look like they're sliiiiiightly better than the cheapest chairs.

  3. Amazed Guest

    Definitely worth the extra money.

  4. Awed Guest

    But the chairs are nothing compared to the vase of flowers on the mantle. I bet they didn't have to put that there, but they did.

  5. Amazed Guest

    I'm still in shock after having not two, but THREE side-dishes available! You can really see all the thought that went into this wedding.

  6. Awed Guest

    And I feel so secure here... why do you think that is?

  7. Amazed Guest

    I bet it's the liability insurance. I can feel it in the air.

  8. Awed Guest

    Oh, did they get that?

  9. Amazed Guest

    I bet they were required to!

  10. Awed Guest

    Well, it makes a difference.


  2. Groom

    I've built out a detailed, itemized spreadsheet showing our expected expenses, actual expenses, and places where we can probably save money by doing more work ourselves.

  3. Bride

    Perfect! And I've found that if we spend about eight straight days making our own decorations, we can save $100.

  4. Groom


  5. Bride

    Here are three different floral options. They're all just flowers, but their pricing is sliiiiiightly different.

  6. Groom

    Let's discuss it for four hours.


  8. Groom

    Hey, apparently there's a cake-cutting fee of $200.

  9. Bride

    Whatever. Sure. Also, someone sent us a letter saying if we don't give them $500 they'll fill the church with bees.

  10. Groom


  1. Everyone

    How's the wedding planning coming?

  2. You

    The same as it always is -- laborious, stressful, and thankless

  3. Everyone

    Well, I'll check in tomorrow just to make sure nothing has changed.