1. A sombrero filled with dry ice

2. A fedora fitted with a small ventilation system around the brim, attached through tubing to a backstage fog machine preset to go off during the chorus of "Slow Ride"

3. A traditional Cherokee rain-dance headdress

4. A foam dome stocked with a pair of ice-cold Coors Lights that produce vapor as they rapidly thaw from the body heat of Peverett's dancing

5. An official crew baseball cap from the set of John Carpenter's 1980 horror film "The Fog"

6. A Yarmulke cut from a bed of tropical moss, raising the relative humidity around Peverett to 100 percent

7. A top hat-shaped cloud of fog continuously encircled around Peverett's head in a matrix of low-frequency sonic pulses emanating from Tony Stevens's powerful bass guitar

8. A standard men's bowler cap (They're huge in London.)