Name: Alisa Somova

Age: 19

Year: Sophomore

School: University of Wyoming

Hometown: Sevastopol, Ukraine.

Major: Journalism, Spanish, Marketing

Favorite Drink: B52

If I’m trying to get with you, what should I do? Take me to the beach. Don’t forget your surf board. Teach me how to surf and don’t get annoyed if I’m a slow learner.

What should I avoid doing? Don’t pee in your wetsuit. If you do, please, don’t tell me about it!

Quick, order an omelet? French omelet with tomatoes. Yum!

What’s your most embarrassing college moment? Drinking Margaritas and not remembering your night is unoriginal, so I won’t mention that story. One time I spent a long night playing beer pong and drinking Vanilla Vodka. My roommate and I went to get breakfast at the cafeteria the next morning. I was wearing a t-shirt, but apparently it was showing a part of my back with words Rack Attack on it (written in Comic Sans MS, B, 48 with a black permanent marker). The whole place was charged with laughter and I didn’t know why. The infamous “quote” didn’t wash off for about 1.5 weeks considering that I showered twice a day.

What’s your favorite animated TV show? I like Family Guy, American Dad, and South Park-the usual. But I’ve gotten into Avatar: the Last Airbender lately. It’s an Asian-influenced kids’ show with elements of martial arts and magic. It’s the most bad ass cartoon you will ever see!

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