1. We always see these "trick shots" but I wonder how good all these guys are at actual beer pong… Also, is that cup regulation size?
  2. The time and effort it took to build this beer launching fridge porbably contradicts the idea of you being lazy enough to not want to get up to get a beer.
  3. I never thought I'd have to report this. But 11 people have died due at what could only be described as "the most bad-ass kite festival Pakistan has ever seen."
  4. So this guy understands A LOT about Superman's sex life. I wonder how many time's this guy has had sex?
  5. Big deal. I've seen a FOUR person dunk.

Awesome Updates

Alex writes Romance Novels for Frat Guys.
Thomas talks about the things he says while he's drunk.
Zack makes an unnerving discovery.

Pic of the Day
Beer pong "table"

Oh By The Way!

Remember this kid? The guy who broke up with his girlfriend on Valentine's Day in front of like, a thousand people? Well "breaking news," friend, it was all a hoax. I knew it.

Don't Forget

Today's matchups are pretty close. Make sure you vote for this round's Hottest College Girl. Come on! What are you waiting for? Are you still readin this? What about now? Now? Still? God, stop reading. Why haven't you stopped yet!?