Im Ra, your RA

Alright, everyone, thanks for coming to the first meeting for 2nd Floor McCullen Hall! Yay! I'm your RA. My name is Amun-Ra, but you can just call me Ra 'cause I'm chill like that. Let's break the ice with a little "Two Truths and a Lie." We'll say two true things about ourselves and one lie, and it's up to you to guess which one is not true. Got it? Okay. 1) I brought forth everything in creation by saying its secret name, 2) I have a falcon for a head, and 3) I'm lactose intolerant. What do you guys think...

Wrong! It's the second one. I have a falcon's HEAD for a head, not a whole falcon. That would look stupid. That's also a lesson about language. We all need to be sure that we choose our words carefully and keep communication open. That way we'll all avoid conflicts. Also, avoid using "angry" words like "stupid" in public spaces. That was my bad, there. But that's also a lesson about me. Sometimes I make mistakes too. I'm a student just like you! I also just happen to have some administrative disciplinary powers, and the power of flight. And the power to create and destroy with a word.

Now, we're all living in the same space, so let's try to respect each other, okay? When it's late, keep the noise down. I know some of you are going to want to party, but some of us will be studying, or sleeping, or preventing a giant snake from devouring the sun, so just keep that in mind. Party smarter, not harder.

You can also find a basket of condoms on my door. Those are for you guys. And they're free. I'm not your dad, except in the abstract sense that I created all of you, and I don't care who you're shacking up with or whose lettuce you're jizzing in to establish dominance over them. Just be safe. Safety can be cool!

Alright, so just know that if you need me you can find me right here in my room when I'm not rowing across the sky in my sun barge (if any of you are interested in crew come talk to me). Other than that everyone just respect each other and remember to sacrifice a bull to me every harvest-time. You guys are gonna have a great first year.