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Nothings Sexier Than Nosebleeds

So my boyfriend and I were in his room making out and having what was probably the hottest foreplay we'd ever had. Part way through, we both seemed to realize that we were feeling kind of slimy, and thought that we might both be drooling lots for some reason. We sat up and I noticed that my nose was bleeding, so we turned the lights on and looked in the mirror. The good news: we weren't drooling. The bad news: we were both covered in blood. We took a few photos and laughed about it, but, needless to say, the mood was ruined.
 - Anonymous


Trying to impress a girl I like who is artistic, I complimented what she was drawing on a blackboard by saying "Nice crosshatch" (an art technique that she was using with the chalk). Now wouldn't I look knowledgeable regarding the terms of art! Well, instead my comment came out as "nice crotch..." and I stopped talking there, not knowing if I should quickly say crosshatch in the small possibility she didn't notice. So, I just nervously laughed and explained what I meant to say, and she understood and thought it was funny. Easy mistake, right? - Anonymous

When my girlfriend first met my nephew right after he was born, she asked if babies had knee caps. She was completely serious. Wes H" they don't. technically the patella is there but it's still cartilage ie. you can't see it on an X-ray. - Anonymous

So a few years ago when I was fresh out of high school I started seeing a girl from the part time job I had. It was goin good and after she gave it up we would go at it whenever we got the chance. Then one night she stayed over and we had done it for most of the night so there were used condoms and in the heat of things I would just put them aside between my bed and the way which is where the heater was. Anyways I had to go to work the next morning so I overslept from being worn out so we got ready and just left together and when I get home I was gonna clean up. They were all gone cuz it turned out my mom was looking for a charger or something and threw away all my used condoms. I couldn't look her in the eye for days and til this day it's never been brought up - Anonymous

So I've been dating my current girlfriend for almost a year now when the recent hurricane hit the northeast. I live in mass and we lost power for a few hours when I needed to use the bathroom. I tell her where I'm going to which she replied " but how can you flush the toilet with the power out!?" Shes going to be finishing her last semester at college soon and I'm a high school drop out and she still couldn't figure out why I was laughing at her. - Anonymous

One day me and my exgf decided to name our private parts, her boobs would be tom and charlie, her p*ssy would be lucy and my d*ck was rick. After a long discussion on the phone both of us decided when were gonna have a whole family reunion for me and rick to meet the rest of the family and spend time with them, Its a day I wont forget. - Anonymous

My Gf's birthday is in a few weeks so i been looking for a present. Her favorite thing from her childhood is the powerpuff girls so ive been looking around for the complete set. I keep asking for it and saying its for my girlfriend but no one has it and no one believes me. - Anonymous

My girlfriend and I have been together for about 2 years now and we have not had sex yet, except dryhumping. The thing is she never lets me comebecause thats "not clean" but she gets to all the time, to top it of, she feels guilty afterwards and does not want to be touched in any way, which leaves me with a raging boner and having to excuse myself to the bathroom. - Anonymous


There is one fight I haven't had with my girlfriend that I know will inevitably happen. If we have kids, she is totally going to stop me from naming my firstborn son Guybrush. I'll prolly get back at her for this if we have sex afterwards to shout "DIDDLY!" at the point of orgasm in my best Ned Flanders voice (I might even grow his mustache beforehand for the occasion). She'll then ban me to the couch for the next century. I don't know how this cold war would end. - Anonymous