Ah, College
"What's a yule log?"

Well, my parents finally left, so I can use the computer at home. They said they had to go to the store. It's funny that they always think of places to go immediately after I mention gifts that I hadn't thought of wanting before. Interesting…

-When I was younger, the shortest day of the year was December 21st. Now that I'm in college, it's still the shortest day. But because December 20th was the last day of finals at Penn State and people there like to "celebrate", it's different. Specifically, with the time it took most of those people to regain consciousness, it just got a hell of a lot shorter.

-During the holidays, even Taco Bell is getting into the spirit, though some people say we shouldn't. One of our customers commented, "You guys shouldn't put up Christmas decorations. Shouldn't you be getting ready for cinco de mayo or something?"

-Why is it that some people constantly play Christmas music from Thanksgiving to New Year's? It can get on your nerves after a while. I guess it's sort of a reminder of what holiday it is. Otherwise I might see the decorated tree and think it was Mardi Gras and Arbor Day at the same time or something.

-A lot of kids my age have lost interest in Christmas. This isn't because we're getting too old. It's because we're college students. Every single day is Christmas for us! The only difference is that on December 25th, the gifts we get don't have credit card logos on them.

-My parents told me not to worry about getting something for everyone this Christmas. Instead, they recommended taking everyone out for a dinner. Hey, I can afford that. As long as the dining hall back at college is still open and I've got some meal points left.

-With our current financial situations, most college students would probably like to go back to a time when we could just make macaroni ornaments as gifts. Why not? The food is good at home, so you might as well make use of those nine extra boxes of Easy Mac you have left over somehow.

-It must suck to be someone with a birthday around Christmas. But if you're the kind of person who hates only getting presents once, remember that it could be worse. After all, I know this Jesus guy who has birthdays and everyone except him gets a present that day.

-A lot of people tell me that being with family for the holidays is the best present of all. And when I got home on the 21st, it was like an early present. Yeah, being home. Good one, Santa.