-Let's have some fun, shall we? And what better way to have fun than a mad lib? I don't know about you, but whenever I want to kick back and cut loose I get myself a Capri Sun, some raisins, and do a funny mad lib. So why not try mine out? (PS-Sunmaid makes the best raisins)

-Writing a Column

-Writing a column is hard (N)_______. Every day you have to think of new (Pl-N)________ to talk about. Some days, I just sit around with my (Body Part)________ up my (Body Part)________ and can't think of anything! But luckily there are some really (Adj)________ ways to overcome writer's block.

-One really (Adj)_________ way to beat writer's block is to think of a (N)________ you'd really like to (V)_________ on. Got one? Good. Now take that and run with it. Is there something about that (same N as before)_________ that really makes you (V)________? I hope so, because it's going to be a very boring (N)_________ if not. From this point, the (N)_________ should (V)_________ itself.

-But just incase you're having (N)__________, try (V ending in "ing")_________ your own (N)__________. Mmmmmm, that's good. I haven't (V past tense)_________ something that good since I (V past tense)__________ your (Family member)__________ last year. What do you mean that's wrong? I definitely did" it was right after your birthday.

-Anyways, all (V ending in "ing")__________ aside, I really hope I have helped you with your (V ending in "ing")_________. Nothing feels better than slapping a (Adj)_________ (N)__________ on your editor's (N)_________, still hot from the (N)_________ and getting a big (N)________ in return! Now, get out there and start (V ending in "ing")_________! Maybe you'll end up on collegehumor.com, like me. Or maybe you'll get your (N)_________ stuck in a (N)________? The possibilities are endless, my friends" endless.

-Do my mad lib and put off studying for another half hour or so! Your friend and cause of procrastination, Streeter

Mary-Kate, it's been forever since I first asked you to email me. Now, I know you'll be in NYC for SNL next week, why don't you invite me? Is that so much to ask?