Career Opportunities For Women In The GTA Universe


Police Officer, Doctor, Businesswoman (Themed Stripper)

Undercover Prostitute

Real Prostitute

Porn Actress

Mentor for Younger Stripper/Prostitute/Porn actress

Creative Graphic Consultant (for Erotic Video Games)

House Keeper

Beating Acceptor

Executive Assistant in Charge of Nagging

Chief Financial Spender

Personal Chef (for Husband)

Masseuse (Asian Only)

Minister of Foreign Affairs
(sorry, I meant Minister of affairs with foreigners)

Assistant Buyer at Bloomingdale's

Temporary Legal Secretary (until affair with boss ends)

Expendable Bank Teller

Yoga Pants Tryer-Outer

Bikini Beach Attender

Professional Twerker

Negative Gender Representative



(Images via Rockstar Games)