Rocktober, a celebration of our sickest jams from our hottest bands, has officially begun. In America, we gather with our loved ones to "get the Led out," but we aren't the only nation who observes Rocktober. Here are some Rocktober traditions from around the world:



Children cut the sleeves off of their favorite t-shirts and leave them outside their doors before going to bed. In the nighttime, the Ozzy rides his Trem Louco or "Crazy Train" into town and leaves a tiny bird in the pile of fabric. The children then bite the head off of the bird if they want to have a hardcore Rocktober.


Village lore states that St. Micklaus Jagger, or Father Rocktober, will arrive every day at noon and will serenade the townspeople for three hours with no commercial interruptions.


Rocktober Traditions from Around the World There are endless variations on Rocktober. What is astounding is that all around the world, people agree that the tenth month of the year is the month where we set aside our differences and rock as one.



In Athens, they celebrate Soft Rocktober. All of the Athenian men dress in blazers and sunglasses as Piano Men, and the women, or Benatars, invite them to "Hit Them With Their Best Shot." Everyone then joins in the traditional "sway dance" where the arms move, but the feet do not. Athens sees a moderate bump in tourism each month during Soft Rocktober from Aunts and Stepfathers.



Workers in the lowlands walk great distances as a representation of their faith in the ancient spirits of Rocktober. On this Journey, they are challenged to not stop believing and those who finish the walk are greeted in the highlands with awesome high-fives.  



They listen to ABBA.   


Rocktober Traditions from Around the World

Rocktober is not the only month-long music celebration, though it is the most popular. If you enjoy Rocktober, perhaps you'll enjoy Progust, EDMarch, and JanuaRap.



A group of teenage boys known as the Ming Zui, which translates directly to "The Heads which will not stop Talking" roam the city streets at night attempting to make weirder and weirder sounds for no good reason at all. The townspeople say they enjoy the festivities but they are really just trying to sound sophisticated. 



Rocktober is marked by a somber month of prayer and mourning. The Rocktober Massacre occurred during the annual "Running With The Devil" in 1988 at a high holy Van Halen concert. 52 headbangers were lost along with their families and the country has never fully recovered.


Maybe you will be able to incorporate one or more of these cultural gems into your own celebrations.  And as they say in India, "Bowie Bowie Rocktober" which means, "I find you attractive even though I cannot distinguish your gender and Happy Rocktober!"