10 More Scientific Inaccuracies in Gravity

This week everyone's talking about Gravity and its realistic depiction of survival in space. However, scientists like Neil Degrasse Tyson are taking to the internet to point out some of the more obvious logical inconsistencies. Turns out he missed a few:


1. NASA analysts would be able to predict a deadly debris field long before it hit their spacecraft.


2. When Ryan cries, her tears float away. However, even in space, surface tension would cause them to remain on her face.


3. Kowalski's subsequent claim that "space tears" contain mystical properties are unfounded.


4. You can't lift up your helmet and drink from a can of Sprite while in a vacuum.


5. Earth is approximately 90 million miles away from the sun. As such, Kowalski's suggestion they "swim on over there and get our bearings" is reckless.


6. "Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning" is NOT how to locate the moon when adrift in deep space.


7. NASA-issued Emergency Escape Pods do not have external engines, much less one large enough for a goose to fly into upon re-entry.


8. At 1:07:54, a boom mic can be seen clearly in the reflection of Bullock's helmet, as can the boom operator, Sandy, who is not wearing a spacesuit.


9. Bucky, the hyper-intelligent NASA chimpanzee who attacks and kills George Clooney in the final scene, is referred to several times as a "monkey". She is in fact an ape.

10. Everyone didn't immediately die at the start of the movie.